Your Perfume is Killing You.

June 9, 2019

By Rebecca Carden

Women, step away from the Perfume and Body Sprays!

Ditch your Chanel No.5, J’Adore, Impulse, Michael Kors and all those other fancy perfume names. That’s right….throw them out.Why?

….because you are poisoning your thyroid every single time you squirt that perfume on your neck.

Our thyroid is the metabolic core of our body and we are doing the equivalent of spraying glyphosate on it every day which weakens our immune system, creates chaos with our hormones and changes our very DNA.

Just because a Perfume has an expensive price tag doesn’t mean it is full of good things. Perfume companies aren’t required to list the hundreds of chemicals that make up their unique fragrance and that should make you suspicious.

You are covering yourself in a chemical cocktail every day. Not just that, everyone who smells you is also breathing in that same chemical cocktail. The number of times someone has said to me “But I always spray it on my clothes so it’s fine”…..wrong. You are still inhaling those same compounds which are now surfing your blood stream and changing your biology.

I am that person who holds their breath when I happen to be walking down the laundry aisle at the supermarket or the perfume arena of Myers/ DJ.

I can smell you a mile away but you unfortunately have become sensitised to it. You cannot smell how overwhelming the aroma is to those around you who aren’t sensitised to it. It is sickening.

Every spray is adding more and more synthetic chemicals to your already overburdened endocrine system. Hello hormone dysfunction, autoimmune illness and allergies!

I want to grab every teenage girl I see at the Supermarket or Chemist Warehouse grabbing a bottle of Impulse off the shelf for she doesn’t know she is poisoning the very reproductive system that makes her a woman.

And to the young man slathering himself in Lynx from head to toe, little do you know it’s one of the reasons behind the mass decline in Testosterone levels and fertility in men worldwide. Did you know that all conventional perfumes are based on synthetic versions of essential oils? Made in a lab, technicians try and replicate the beauty of essential oils using hundred’s of different chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors.

My god they smell incredible, you can create whatever custom blend you desire for that particular day based on your mood and the best bit…… essential oil pure-fumes actually support and enhance our wellbeing rather than destroy it. Every time you apply an essential oil you are actually supporting the health of your immune system, reducing inflammation, increasing mental clarity, balancing hormones, recalibrating your nervous system and a myriad of other benefits. Your Yves Saint Laurent doesn’t do that.

Remember that we were made from nature, we ARE nature. We didn’t come from a laboratory so it makes sense that our body rejects what is synthetic. With all of the above taken in and absorbed, are you ready to try a pure-fume??

Making the swap to essential oils for your Pure-Fume instead of toxic Perfume is one of the BIG reasons people become a member with doTerra.

I would love to chat with you about your favourite smells so I can help you make the transition to plant magic. One of my favourite combinations is Whisper + Bergamot 😍

You will absolutely fall in love with the ability to create customised blends to suit your mood. It’s a real game changer. If I’m in a sultry and sassy kind of mood, I can whip up a blend that matches and enhances it perfectly.

The freedom, playfulness and creativity it brings out for us is worth it alone, it’s so much fun. My young nieces just love sitting with me and making up their own personalised potions that we then give names such “Let It Go” or “Wonder Woman”…..

Send me an email and let’s get you some pure-fume hey?

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