Supporting Inflamed Endometrial Tissue Naturally

May 9, 2019

By Rebecca Carden

Oils to support inflamed endometrial tissue…..

I hate seeing friends in crippling pain every month, it’s just not fair and it’s so destructive on their lifestyle and productivity. I used to work with a girl who without fail, would have to take a week off work every month. I mean can you imagine what that does to ones future job prospects?

Needless to say, it would be very cool to offer up some natural solutions to those who need it and this is what I’ve found through my research and guys, I am just someone presenting my findings to you that you may or may not be interested in…..

Ok first up, it’s all about inflammation so anything we can do to support a healthy inflammatory response is going to be super useful.

Diet has gotta come first. I know several people who have put their end into remission through diet and supplementation alone. It’s all about creating a healthy and thriving internal foundation for your body to HEAL.

An anti inflammatory diet looks like this: going gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, ditch the processed foods and refined carbs, up your intake of cold water fish such as salmon and mackerel, increase your healthy fat consumption, eat heaps of coloured veggies for their antioxidants, remove plastics from your world and drink plenty of filtered water.

Then we add in supplementation.

There are SO many awesome studies which indicate omega 3 fatty acids may be an incredible support for inhibiting the formation of lesions. The Lifelong Vitality pack would form an incredible cornerstone to provide those high quality omega 3 fatty acids.  You’ve also got the added benefit of the essential oils added to the xEOmega and vEOmega such as Frankincense and German Chamomile designed to combat oxidative stress which leads to improper inflammatory responses in the body.

Both the Alpha CRS and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex contain a superhero polyphenol called Resveratrol. Polyphenols protect against free-radical damage to cellular DNA, mitochondria, and other critical cell structures.

Here’s why Resveratrol is so cool in this instance – studies indicate that the number of endometrial implants decreased by 60% and the total volume of lesions was reduced by 80% in clinical models using resveratrol.

Green tea extract is another amazing polyphenol included in both the Alpha CRS and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex. Green tea extract research shows that it has the ability to enhance apoptosis (programmed cell death or cell turnover) and inhibit the blood supply to lesions thereby reducing the size. Pretty cool stuff hey.

They both also contain Turmeric and anything that is an agent for reducing inflammation is going to be well receive by the body. As an added level of support, I would definitely consider the Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules, especially if you aren’t taking the Deep Blue Polyphenols. You don’t have to do both but definitely choose one.

It goes without saying that every single person can benefit from supplementation….. everyone and everybody.

Then we have Copaiba and specifically it’s compound β-Caryophyllene which is also found in Black Pepper, Clove, Melissa and Rosemary to lesser degrees. β-Caryophyllene studies indicate that it may suppress the growth of lesions by 52%, enhance apoptosis and decrease blood supply to lesions.

I need to point out that the studies on β-Caryophyllene involved the isolated compound and not the whole essential oil so there is nothing hard and fast we can conclude from this information BUT – I know that if it were me…… I would be drinking up this information and doing some self experimentation because if nothing else, a happier internal environment for the body to thrive will be the byproduct.

Also remember that that as the Roseman University found, it is the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to oils. Every single component within and essential oil works synergistically with the other to create a beautiful, balanced response in the body.

You need to be your own leader and trust that by listening to your body you can establish what the right amounts and combinations are for you body. I can’t do that for you, I can only do that for myself.

So there you have it, I hope there is something useful to help a sister in all that info.

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