Essential Oils for EMF Protection

June 21, 2019

By Rebecca Carden

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, EMF exposure has been a red hot topic of the last few months with the roll out across the world of the 5G Network.

I am not going to go into all the particulars of that as it’s just not an area of expertise for me so instead, I’m going to focus on what we can do to mitigate EMF damage to our body and brain.
Preventing cellular and DNA damage is the name of the game friends when it comes to EMF’s.
EMF exposure can have a significant impact on our immune system, blood cell function, cellular communication, endocrine function and of course our poor nervous system which really takes a beating from it.
EMF exposure is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It can come from being around fluorescent lights, cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless devices, power lines, microwaves and other appliances.
The reality is that EMF’s cause DNA damage, particularly when we are talking 5G radiation, and that has implications not only for us but our future generations. Once our DNA strands have been damaged, that opens the door for chromosomal aberrations, ultimately paving the way to mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and hereditary diseases for us and our future offspring.
The Electromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radio Frequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development Study states the following:
“Mobile phones and other wireless devices that produce electromagnetic fields (EMF) and pulsed radio-frequency radiation (RFR) are widely documented to cause potentially harmful health impacts that can be detrimental to young people. New epigenetic studies are profiled in this review to account for some neuro-developmental and neurobehavioral changes due to exposure to wireless technologies. Symptoms of retarded memory, learning, cognition, attention, and behavioural problems have been reported in numerous studies and are similarly manifested in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, as a result of EMF and RFR exposures where both epigenetic drivers and genetic (DNA) damage are likely contributors. Technology benefits can be realised by adopting wired devices for education to avoid health risk and promote academic achievement.”
Frighteningly – children absorb more than double the radiation of an adult brain and their bone marrow is ten times more absorbent than adults!
Ok, that’s enough talk about the frightening stat’s of EMF’s, let’s talk about how to mitigate and reduce the harmful effects……..
As I said before, the best way to protect ourselves from EMF damage is to focus on protecting our cellular health.
All essential oils possess antioxidant properties, as well as their own unique energy frequency. All living things on this wondrous planet of ours have their own individual vibration signature or frequency. It is these innate frequencies of essential oils that tend to lend them most of their healing abilities.
Given that plants have their own energy fields, we could make an assumption that using essential oils could be useful in countering the negative energy fields of EMF.
When it comes to the essential oil with the highest vibration – Rose sits above them all at 320Hz so to me it makes sense that we would seek to utilise her on a daily basis to put up a protective force field around our body.
Of course doTerra’s delicious Salubelle Blend which combines all of the highest vibration essential oils including Rose would be a fantastic choice as well.
Given that EMF’s suppress our immune system, the immune supportive benefits of Rose and Salubelle will be greatly received.
I would seek to apply Rose and Salubelle along my spine, over my heart and up my forearms each and every day.
I will just add a caveat here that there isn’t an abundance of research that backs up the vibrational frequencies of essential oils. In fact, I cannot find a single study that references where these individual plant frequency levels were measured. That’s not to say that plants don’t have a specific frequency because we are ALL electrical beings and ALL living things have a frequency. I would just like to see the research origins of this for credibility’s sake.
When it comes to cellular health and proper cell growth, the very first blend that I reach for is DDR Prime. DDR stands for “DNA Damage Reversal”.
DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid – a self-replicating material which is the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. Maintaining its integrity is KEY to our health and wellbeing!
In a nutshell DNA is like a photocopier.  It pumps out copies of instructions for how our cells function. Like a photocopier (or scanner) it sometimes starts to produce copies with a black mark or glitch…… once there it continues to pump out copies with that glitch.
DDR Prime gets rid of the glitch!
DDR Prime has been designed with cellular health and renewal in mind specifically. This unique blend of oils has been found to stimulate Apoptosis or programmed cell death in the body and make sure it occurs when it should if a cell is diseased or dying. It protects us against oxidative stress and protects the integrity of our DNA.
DDR Prime comes in softgel form or in a liquid blend to use topically as well as internally. This is a blend designed to be taken internally and I think of it as part of my health insurance policy.
DDR Prime includes Frankincense in it’s amazing blend of oils however if you couldn’t access DDR, Frankincense is going to be your next best choice. In the diffuser, in your pure-fume blends and in your Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Frankincense will help protect your cells against EMF damage and support that apoptosis process.
I really wasn’t sure what my research would uncover for this topic but rather fascinatingly, Rosemary essential oil has been studied specifically for it’s EMF protection properties.
Actually it’s a chemical constituent found in Rosemary, Basil and Melissa essential oils called Rosmarinic Acid.
Rosemarinic Acid has been found to successfully to –
Increase levels of testosterone and total antioxidant capacity (TAC), it also showed a significant preventive effect on cell damages especial sertoli cells apoptosis that was caused with EMF. It seems that using Rosmarinic acid as food additive can be effective for supporting people living under EMF environmental pollution”.
This study also found that Rosmarinic Acid –
The administration of RA promoted the recovery of peripheral blood cells in irradiated mice. Higher white blood cell counts, hemoglobin and platelets than the radiation-only group were all reported.
The British Journal of Radiology published a study, in 2009, which also proved that the Carnosol in Rosemary provides significant protection from ‘mutagenic activity’. This means Rosemary Essential Oil, which maintains it’s Carnosolic Acids after the distillation process, prompts our bodily defence mechanisms to neutralise the damage caused by radiation. It is this constituent, in synergy with the other chemicals in Rosemary Essential Oil, that makes it a fantastic scavenger for free radicals.
Needless to say, Rosemary, Basil and Melissa will be three oils we want in and on us to receive as much Rosmarinic Acid as possible!
My Kinesiology and Muscle Testing friends will attest to the fact that in the face of EMF’s, eg, whilst holding a phone, these oils immediately produce a strengthening effect on the body.
How I intend on using these oils is to make up an EMF Protection Blend incorporating each of them + Frankincense. I will use this blend on the daily up and down my spine as well as on my feet combined with a drop of each under the tongue. I’m also going to diffuse them.
The last blend I want to touch on is Balance. Balance is a remarkable blend of tree and resin oils that have repeatedly been shown to support red blood cell oxygenation and overall health.
Have a watch of this video which demonstrates the impact of Balance –

We know that EMF’s effect how our blood cells behave and suppress our immune system therefore it makes sense that Balance would definitely be an oil we want to include. Any oil that may support our body’s ability to transport oxygen to our cells is going to be very important in the face of 5G to safeguarding cellular health.
All of the oils I’ve mentioned are safe to use with children and I would highly recommend that you establish a daily routine whereby everyone in the home is exposed to these oils.
We know that the most effective way of decreasing the toxic burden of EMF is to remove all of the sources of EMF from our immediate environment but let’s face it, unless you are going to build a Faraday Cage in your bedroom or surround your entire house in one – it’s impossible.
We always turn off our WiFi router before we go to bed but our phones are still picking up the Wifi from all the homes around us!
Other ways to mitigate EMF damage is to get plenty of indoor plants happening in your home. It is also extremely beneficial to walk bare foot, or lie on the ground, especially if you are exposing a lot of your skin to sun light at the same time.
All of these things are ways in which you can mitigate the negative effects of both EMF and environmental radiation. Those wonderful negative ions help to quickly dampen your electromagnetic radiation.
The best way to protect your body when it comes to essential oils is to just simply incorporate them each and every day. Use them in your water and raw food creations, rub them into your feet and along your spine, aromatically dress with them and of course diffuse them.
As a little side note,  just as our bodies may be impacted by electro-pollution, the vibrational energy of essential oils can be compromised when exposed to electromagnetic fields.
Living Libations sell these beautiful pouches to protect your oils from EMF.
Each precious pouch is handcrafted with vintage denim in indigo blues on the outside and is lined with advanced RF shielding fabric comprised of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% pure silver threading. For all your other oils, keep them away from the Wifi routers in the house as well as your phone and all other electronic devices if you can.
So there you have it. I hope that’s been as interesting for you to read as it was for me to research!
Drop me a comment if you enjoyed it.
x Bec

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