Smidge Magnesium Bundle

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Smidge Magnesium Bundle

Product Description

Smidge make excellent and CLEAN magnesium and are much loved by health professionals such as Dr Steven Lin for their purity and quality.

A quality magnesium supplement is a catalyst for the vitamins A, D and K2 as well as over 600 other chemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is essential for life.

The Smidge Morning AM Magnesium is for providing energy. It is uplifting and energizing by combining three specific kinds of elemental magnesium – orotate, taurinate and malate – in equal amounts. It also includes the element boron which is a cofactor of magnesium that helps with its absorption – and supports bone health. Malate helps transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s energy source. Increased magnesium and malic acid (Magnesium Malate) can help muscles feel energized and relaxed. Magnesium Orotate is magnificent at transporting minerals, delivering them precisely to the membrane within each cell. It supports DNA synthesis and tissue health, the elasticity of blood vessels, which is essential for heart health and may improve athletic performance. Magnesium taurinate supports cognitive function and heart health. It also fuels muscles and may help calm nerves.

The Smidge Evening PM Magnesium on the other hand is a gentle, calming supplement designed to help you relax, sleep well and wake up refreshed. Magnesium Glycinate helps reduce feelings of mild stress and restlessness and also soothes sleep-disturbing leg cramps.

Evening Magnesium and Morning Magnesium are designed to work together, so they complement each other beautifully. The body can enjoy five different types of magnesium that work in synergy to supply your body throughout the day with the appropriate forms — the optimal way to manage your magnesium levels.