Mother Nature’s B Bundle

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  • Cell Squared Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver Powder Capsules

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  • Wildcrafted Raw Bee Pollen by Eden Healthfoods

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Mother Nature’s B Bundle

Product Description

The ancestral diet, along with the additional B complex rich foods such as Beef Liver and Bee Pollen will typically provide sufficient intake of B vitamins. Food provide Mother Nature’s varying assortment of B’s along with a complement of nutrients, such as bioavailable copper (aka ceruloplasmin), that assist the body with B vitamin creation and functionality. Good examples are bee pollen and beef liver. Natural B vitamin foods, with their accompanying enzymes, should not present issues for those with methylation errors.

Synthetic vitamins contain only a small part of the whole vitamin molecule, and lack their natural enzymes and co-nutrients. As such, they are not in a form that’s bioavailable to the body. This puts demands on the body’s resources to activate and assimilate them properly, and they can build up to toxic levels when this does not happen efficiently. This applies also to vitamin B supplements that appear to be food-based. These can be more concentrated than what Mother Nature would provide, and also lead to problems with assimilation. Those who take synthetic B’s often struggle with keeping potassium levels up, which interferes with the healing process.

The better approach to increasing B vitamin levels is by getting our B’s from food based supplements and raising bio available copper to create the enzymes that support proper B vitamin metabolism. Getting B vitamins from foods also bypasses the issue of which form of B’s works best for any given individual.

Beef Liver provides a host of B vitamins (it’s especially rich in folate, niacin and B12), as well as intrinsic factor, which aids in B12 absorption. In addition, beef liver is a good source of minerals, potassium in particular, along with other nutrients such as catalase, choline and CoQ10. These are all provided in a form the body recognizes and can readily assimilate.

Bee Pollen provides all the B Vitamins in a highly bio available form (exception is B12) whilst also providing a full spectrum of amino acids, quercetin and bio available copper.