Inner Sweep by Orchard St 90g Jar

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Inner Sweep by Orchard St 90g Jar

Product Description

Clean Your Inner Slate… a broom for your insides, this effective formulation gently sweeps through your digestive tract and encourages elimination of toxins and waste.

When conducting a parasite or liver cleanse it is important to employ the use of binders and elimination enhancers to ensure that toxins aren’t reabsorbed and recirculated via entero-hepatic recirculation.

This can be used alongside Para Rid and Liv Tox or as a stand alone excellent binder when it is needed eg, Mold exposure.

Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum (PHGG) is a soluble fibre which aids bowel clearance and inner sluggishness. It is fantastic for speeding up colonic transit time where constipation is a regular occurrence whilst providing a valuable prebiotic food source to support friendly commensal bacteria and healthy Butyrate levels. Please don’t confuse Guar Gum with PHGG as they do have different properties. PHGG doesn’t thicken in the gut the same way that Guar Gum does which can create unpleasant issues.

Bentonite and charcoal are highly absorbent natural ingredients possessing a ‘toxin trapping’ negative ionic charge. Endotoxins can be released from bacteria and pathogens as they are killed off and endotoxins can make you feel properly ill, the herx effect. Activated Charcoal and Bentonite actively adsorb toxins and safely carry them out of the body via the colon. Using binding agents such as these during a cleanse can greatly reduce the load on the liver and kidneys.

Ingredients: Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum (78.5%), Bentonite Clay (17%), Activated Charcoal (from organic coconuts) (4.5%)

Usage: Mix 3 g of powder (1 level tsp) into 100 mL water and stir well, consume at least one hour after evening meal and well away from any medications or other supplements.

** This product is safe to use during breastfeeding and children may use it also at an appropriate dose.