Fall in Love with Doing Business

November 3, 2017

By Rebecca Carden

No one rises in this business without the help and support of those building it with her. This isn’t a solo effort but a collaborative act of co-creation.

Each of you contributed something beautiful and significant to our team going Platinum.

Platinum means that myself and my tribe of 900 brave individuals who are seriously loved up on oils have co-created beautiful incomes for myself and a dozen other women just through sharing and teaching others to use these gifts from the earth…these little brown bottles of plant magic.

I’m going to share with you a little more about this milestone further down the bottom of this blog so keep reading won’t you……this opportunity may just be what you are searching for but didn’t even know it.

In short though, it absolutely blows my mind to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. That there are thousands more people just waiting to be touched by these oils and shown that there is a better and different way of caring for themselves and their families. People wishing there was a way to become the empowered healer.

This isn’t about me…..but it is absolutely about all of us and what we are capable of if we get out of our own way, work together and take massive action.

This isn’t about just achieving personal goals, it’s about helping each other reach personal goals and to realise that without supporting each other…..our own goals will go unmet.

It makes no difference what stage in the business each of you are at or how fast you are moving. No difference at all. Just the fact that you are here to enjoy the ride, learn an absolute bucketload about yourself in the process with lots of tears and plenty of laughter is enough. Let’s face it, we’re the minority. Not everyone has the courage to do what we do and break the paradigm.

This is what happened in September….my team and I reached the rank of Platinum which looks like this….

…..and for three women in my tribe, they reached the rank of Silver which for a stay at home mum is a significant contribution to the family income. There will be three more women who also reach Silver in October of that I’m certain and in December they will all be Gold.

And that’s what is so beautiful about this business, it’s an act of collaboration in every sense of the word. I am there to help them rise and together we change how people think about earning an income and creating a life.

If drinking copious cups of tea with a bunch of women who totally vibe off all things health and wellbeing, eating raw balls, sniffing oils, sharing oils with others and teaching them how you use your oils sounds like something you might enjoy and you are ready to shake things up and try something new- I want to hear from you!

I am calling in three women right now to join us. I have three leadership positions open for the brave, the willing, the determined, the inspired and the empowered woman who wants to take the future into her own hands because we are seeking to become a Diamond team by the 30th of December 2017.

All you need to do is be crazy passionate about the oils, want to teach people about the oils and share them within your community via workshops or coffee dates or skype dates…whatever works for you. We’ll teach you the rest. The best bit? There are no start up costs to do this….just your oils 🙂

If these positions have your name on them….get in touch with me and let’s chat ok. I’ll give you the lowdown and show you what’s possible.


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