Reverse Thyroid Nodules Naturally

July 11, 2024

By Rebecca Carden

reverse thyroid nodules naturally
reverse thyroid nodules naturally

The topic of thyroid nodules has come up numerous times of late…endocrinologist’s aren’t sure why thyroid nodules form and they sure as the sun shines have no clue how to reverse thyroid nodules naturally without resorting to surgery.

What we DO know is that they are a physical manifestation of inflammation, imbalance and dysfunction.

My theory based upon all the research available, is that nodules form in response to thyroid disrupting environmental toxins such as BPA plastics. Sufficient iodine levels prevent damage to the gland by such endocrine disrupting, highly inflammatory toxins including the halides chlorine, fluoride which compete with iodine.

Insufficient iodine sees cellular changes and nodule growth occur because the body loses the ability to handle Reactive Oxygen Species optimally. Iodine acts to protect the thyroid gland from the “fire of oxidation” caused by these harmful toxins. Iodine deficiency is like having a house without insulation and without having a monitoring system for the fire department.

It blows my mind that none of the women I know with nodules have ever been referred for an iodine test by their endocrinologist. Instead, watch and wait or surgery are the options provided and when they test, of COURSE their levels come back well below baseline.

I received the below email from a follower not minutes after I sent this article out to our subscribers –

“Wow Bec! You just wrote to my exact issue of the last 15 years!! I have been seeing an endocrinologist for about 19 of those and never has she tested my iodine despite my nodules continuing to grow. I am ordering a test today.”

Why an earth are those with nodules not being assessed for iodine status and supported with supplementation or dietary intake accordingly?

“Thyroid nodules respond positively to iodine or iodide supplementation. Serial ultrasounds usually show a decrease in the size of thyroid cysts and nodules and eventual resolution of the lesions.” – Dr Guy Abraham

“2208 individuals over an 11 year period of mandatory salt iodination of which 618 subjects had thyroid nodules at the beginning of the study. 147 (23.8%) had no nodules at follow up. Approximately 1/3rd of solitary nodules identified at baseline had completely disappeared 11 years later.” – Krejberg A et al.

“Positive changes in the thyroid gland structure with both appearance and disappearance of thyroid nodules are common after an iodization program.” – The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

“Furthermore, intake of iodized salt was inversely associated with risk of thyroid nodules, with approximately 69–77 percent reduction in risk of occurrence.” – International Journal of Endocrinology

Iodine is a shield for the thyroid. It keeps the other harmful halides from the halogen family (chlorine, fluoride, bromide) in check and out of the thyroid gland. It detoxifies endocrine disruptors and is one of the best anti fungal agents we have as well as many other cool talents.

Without sufficient iodine, the thyroid being the sensitive butterfly it is much like our breast tissue, cannot defend itself from the ravaging effects of the aforementioned. In iodine deficiency, the formation of cysts on the organ tissue is very common and often a dead giveaway whether it be fibrocystic breasts, thyroid nodules or even ovarian cysts.

We know that more than 50% of all reproductive age women are thought to be deficient in iodine and roughly the same figures apply to women who experience fibrocystic breast tissue in their life.

We also know that thyroid nodules are very common and found on ultrasound in approximately 50% of all adults. C’mon, if I can see it how can an Endocrinologist not 🙃

We’re not talking mega doses of iodine needed here either. The evidence suggests that just meeting minimum levels eg 150mcg intake daily is enough to produce positive shifts overtime where nodules will gradually resolve themselves though realistically the RDI falls short of providing OPTIMAL well-being and 250-500mcg is likely more appropriate for most.

Other ways to support the reduction of nodules naturally include –

  • Support the detoxification of the thyroid gland with castor oil packs.
  • Eliminate all endocrine disrupting chemicals/ toxins from your home and personal care products.
  • Eliminate all toxic halides which include fluoride, chlorine and bromide.
  • Support your Vitamin D levels naturally via the SUN and food.
  • Use Red Light Therapy over the thyroid.

Circling back to fluoride and chlorine for a second because this is an important one.

Both of these halides compete with iodine and inhibit iodine uptake. Tap water is THE biggest single source of both halides. Using a filtration system that removes 95-99% of all chlorine and fluoride from your drinking water at a bare minimum is absolutely essential. If you’re using a reverse osmosis or distilled water unit – please be sure to remineralise your water post filtration.

Dairy and poultry are the other biggest sources of chlorine consumption believe it or not. The Aussie dairy industry used to use Iodine teat dips and udder washes before regulation changes were made and iodine was ousted for chlorine sanitizing.

Now we have the double whammy. They took out the iodine, they replaced it with chlorine. We know that chlorine blocks iodine uptake, so we’ve not only lost a valuable and very meaningful amount of iodine in the Australian diet, but now we’ve got one hand tied behind our back as well with the chlorine. Craziness.

The poultry industry again uses chlorine drenches to supposedly kill harmful pathogens. There are some exceptions to this such as Inglewood Chicken.

So to round this out, iodine deficiency is referred to as the single biggest non communicable disorder in public health and the biggest contributor to poor cognitive function and brain damage due to it’s critical role in pregnancy for a growing fetus.

If you have never had your iodine levels checked, maybe now is a great time to consider doing so whether you have nodules or not. Having abundant and healthful iodine is a matter or optimising our well-being on so many levels.

You can self order a Urine Iodine Test here. Be sure to eat a standard diet the day prior that isn’t a raging sushi fest, just a regular day. Also be sure to test your first morning wee.

Remember that every single human needs iodine. This includes those with hypo/hyper as well as autoimmune thyroiditis Graves or Hashi’s.

Hashi’s are the most problematic group as iodine can be like adding petrol to the fire BUT, they still need it. Working closely with your chosen practitioner for regular monitoring, incorporating at very cautious dosages and doing so with the addition of other antioxidants such as selenium and NAC and Myo Inositol is wise.

The same goes for folks with Graves like me however I find that with a careful hand I can typically tolerate a 200-400mcg dose rather well when not in a flare. It goes without saying that getting to the root cause of your autoimmune flare up’s is paramount. Hashi’s and Graves at the end of the day are not thyroid diseases, they are an immune system dysfunction.

My favourite iodine supplement is Nascent Iodine and or Foraged, the Children’s Foraged has a lower amount of iodine compared to the Mothers blend making it more suitable for those wanting to go slow with the iodine.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there and potentially saves them from having a thyroidectomy that could be avoided.

Any questions as always do let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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