Why We Don’t Burn Essential Oils

November 3, 2017

By Rebecca Carden

It really bugs me when I hear people say, I want some oils to use in my oil burner.

Worse yet…..hearing someone say “I’ve been using my doTerra oils in my oil burner”. You did NOT just say that?!!

If you are going to use an oil burner, don’t use doTerra. It will be a waste. Go buy some $3 dollar synthetic oils from KMart instead.

Harsh? Maybe a little, but the truth of the matter is oil burners destroy the beautiful and valuable therapeutic properties we so want to receive from these oils. If you have gone to the effort of investing in doTerra, use them wisely and treat them with respect for they are but Mother Nature bottled in her purest state.

When we heat or burn an oil, we denature those chemical compounds which create a therapeutic response and are left with nothing but a pretty smell.

Now I love a pretty smell as much as the person next to me but I am pretty keen to enjoy the physical support of my oils too. I absolutely LOVE knowing that whilst I am filling my house or office with delicious aroma’s, I am also filling up my body with immune supporting, brain protecting, nervous system calming, hormone balancing plant magic. Real essential oils are delicate and full of life energy so when you heat them, you actually destroy what makes them special.

Diffusing our essential oils allows for absorption via inhalation which has a profound impact on our emotional state, the functioning of our nervous system and firing of neurotransmitters as well as our biochemistry of our body all the way down to the cellular level.

If you want the full therapeutic support of your oils……after all that’s why you chose doTerra right?? don’t use them in an oil burner.

Oxidation occurs when we heat any essential oil. Oxidation alters the chemical make-up of essential oils and converts the chemical constituents into different substances which can change the aroma, diminish the beneficial properties and possibly even increase the risk for sensitivities to develop.

Essential oils are all chemically unique  and varied so the oxidation process begins at different temperatures, different rates and affects each oil in a different way but never are the effects positive.

Diffusers don’t use any heat at all to disperse essential oils.  Diffusers operate by atomising both water and essential oils, breaking up the molecules to create like a microscopic mist. This mist is then suspended in the air for up to 2 hours even after turning the diffuser off. This makes it a seriously great tool when combatting the flu or transferable illness throughout the family.

You don’t need much oil in your diffuser, 5-6 drops max is more than enough. I’m also not an advocate for leaving them running the whole day as it can result in sensitisation to oils. I choose to set the timer on my Petal Diffuser for 2 hours and then leave it off for a couple of hours and so on.

Research has shown diffusing for long periods of time doesn’t add extra benefits. It’s a waste of essential oils and our body responds better when exposed in shorter intervals.

Studies demonstrated that there is a curve of effectiveness which continues to increase as you approach the 30-45 mins mark. After that, the curve peaks and then starts to go down. What this tells us is that after 45 minutes of diffusing, we are in affect potentially overloading our system and our ability to interact with the therapeutic properties of the oils not only stops but the effectiveness goes down. This follows on from the same motto we follow with essential oil use in general “less is more, more frequently”.

Take a break between diffuser runs. Give your body a chance to metabolise the oils it’s absorbed and assimilate them as it needs to before turning on the diffuser again.

Just my two cents but there is research to back it up.

Also- Diffusers need to be cleaned weekly with a little white vinegar or On Guard Cleaning Concentrate if you have it. Use a toothbrush to scrub out the nooks and crannies and remove any oil build up. This will keep them smelling fresh and keep your aroma’s clean.

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