Why You Might Hate the Smell of an Essential Oil

April 13, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

So who has an essential oil they absolutely detest the smell of?

Pretty sure we all do!

Mine are 100% Elevation, Clary Calm & Spearmint and Warren’s is 100% Spikenard…..my god I’ve never seen him try and get away from me so fast and the expletives that flew out of his mouth were priceless.

So let’s talk about the emotional component of the oils and how these oils might be significant for you.
If there is an oil you don’t like or cannot stand, it is more than likely bringing up an emotional component for you whether you know it or not.

When I first smelled Elevation, I could not stand it. It honestly smelt like fly spray to me. When I looked it up in the Emotions & Essential oils book it was pretty clear that it was a significant oil for me and still is.

Elevation is the Oil of Joy and is all about encouraging more playfulness, moving from feelings of despair to hope and happiness as well as supporting the formation of new positive habits. Things that in all honesty I do battle with on the daily for various reasons. It teaches us to redirect our thoughts away from worry and fear which are not productive and move towards thoughts of faith, hope and determination which are.

Spearmint is the Oil of Confident Speech and as Warren will attest, I have a habit of mixing up my words and sounding a little Dyslexic at times. I can stumble and stutter when I’m nervous or not feeling myself so it makes sense that Spearmint is very applicable for me.

Here’s something you can try though with the oils you detest……….
If there is an oil you dislike, grab a roller bottle and add 1-2 drops only and top with your carrier oil so it is heavily diluted. Apply to the bottoms of your feet for 1 week and then grab that oil again, smell it straight up and see if you notice a change.

The oil will often smell completely different to people after a week of diluted use. Pay close attention to how you feel, your moods, energy and thoughts……tiny positive changes may be underway without you evening knowing…..

Just this week this testimonial came in from one of our customers-
“Spikenard – I thought it was hideous at first, but now I really appreciate it and am definitely in a better place emotionally – sitting in gratitude and taking personal responsibility for my feelings, actions and results. Thanks Spikenard for being what I needed, even if I didn’t know it!”

Spikenard you see is the Oil of Gratitude and gently encourages us to appreciate what we have and the little things that often go unnoticed x

I’d love to hear your stories 🙂

For those wanting to explore the emotional properties of essential oils, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Emotions and Essential Oils and really tune in to how each oil makes you feel.

You will be astonished at what might come up for you.

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