Natural Cellulite Solutions with Essential Oils

June 13, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

Natural Cellulite Solutions with Essential Oils
Let’s talk about Cellulite!
I know….such a glorious topic isn’t it.
Firstly, no one has ever died from having cellulite. It’s not a disease, though the beauty industry would certainly have us believe it is!
Perhaps, though, as Nadine Artemis says –
“the presence of cellulite may give us hints at how we can improve our general health”. I tend to agree.
Women are energy storage experts. Our ability to store fat efficiently is a skill that we’ve been equipped with over years of evolution. Geez thanks…..
We need it to support us through pregnancy and breastfeeding. As soon as a woman’s body fat % drops below a certain point, our reproductive organs go into shut down as our body believes it’s in a state of famine and it’s unsafe to reproduce. How incredibly smart is that?
Here’s the lowdown on cellulite and some suggestions on how to minimise its appearance –
πŸ’ Problem: Interestingly, female collagen is shaped much differently to mens. Our fat cells protrude outwards vs mens which grow laterally or downward.
Action: Damn, we totally lucked out on our evolutionary design there.
πŸ’ Problem: Poor circulation plays a big role in where cellulite appears. The back of the legs is poorly vascularised as are the back of the arms, both of which are highly prone to cellulite.
Action: Move and groove baby! Nothing beats physical movement to improve circulation. I LOVE bouncing around on my mini trampoline for 15 minutes just being a total idiot. It’s a sight for sore eyes I tell you but it’s fun. It doesn’t have to be hard yakka movement, just MOVE each and every day. If you have a job that requires you to be quite sedentary and sitting down, make a pact to get up and do some squats or walk around the room every 20 minutes.
I LOVE Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Tramp Workout which you can purchase here
πŸ’ Problem: A sluggish lymphatic system is also found in these areas because they lack that vascular network. Fluid and waste build-up greatly exacerbates the bumpy appearance of cellulite so getting our lymphatic system moving is critical.
Action: Dry Body Brush. Just two minutes of whole-body dry brushing boosts blood supply to the skin for an hour. The circulation activating effects of dry body brushing improve our vascular efficiency, nutrient delivery, waste removal and fluid removal. Making yourself up a DIY Coffee Scrub to enjoy on the regular would be oh so divine too! Coffee scrubs are a great way to stimulate blood flow, circulation and stagnant lymph. Be sure to include essential oils such as Cypress, Grapefruit, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Zendocrine, YarrowPom, Smart n Sassy, Juniper Berry or even Easy Air because it contains Laurel & Eucalyptus with your coffee scrubs or dry body brushing. 
Natural Cellulite Solutions with Essential Oils
Nourished Life has a great range of Body Brushes. 
πŸ’ Problem: Estrogen dominance is a big factor in cellulite and fat storage in general.
Action: There is so much we can do to help clear out excess estrogen. Up your intake of cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale. OR get your hands on a supplement called DIM which is the active estrogen clearing compound within these veggies. The Womens Phytoestrogen Complex may be helpful to clear harmful estrogen from the body alongside the Zendocrine Detoxification Complex
Ditch plastics from your life once and for all. PCP’s, BPA, parabens and pthalates are all estrogen mimickers. Avoid the word Fragrance wherever humanly possible. Ohhhhh the irony of the fact that the very beauty and cosmetics industry that tries to sell us cellulite miracle creams is the very same industry that contributes to cellulite in the first place.
Love up large on all your high limonene essential oils such as Grapefruit, Tangerine and Pink Pepper both topically and internally as well as Thyme, Rosemary or the Zendocrine blend. All of these would be fantastic to integrate for their estrogen clearing abilities, supporting healthy progesterone levels and up-regulation of our liver detox enzymes.
Cellulite is pretty complex and any solution that has a chance of being effective and permanent must address the body as a whole! Connective tissue, body fat percentage, hormone balance, physical movement all contribute to whether or not cellulite makes an appearance……..
This is why ‘miracle’ creams fail. It’s got to be a multi-pronged approach towards improving our overall health and vitality instead of putting the focus squarely on cellulite.
With all that said, please shun those beauty magazines and cosmetic ads that make you hate on your body. Casting a critical eye over our bums and thighs isn’t going to change things, blessing and loving your body will.
x Bec

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