Supporting Diabetes Naturally with Essential Oils

January 24, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

You’ll need to read between the lines here to ensure I do not land myself in hot water of what I can and cannot say….. but if you know of a loved one battling with the dreaded D word or ‘unstable blood sugar’, this post is for them.

A staggering one in four Australians over 25 are considered to be pre-diabetic. One in 10 Australians are already Diabetic, that’s 280 Aussies a day diagnosed which costs our economy $14.6 billion a year. WTF?

A combination of excess consumption of processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle has provided the perfect storm for an epidemic. If pre-diabetes is left untreated, it can develop into Type 2 diabetes within 5 years and nobody want’s that especially when it’s completely unnecessary and can be stopped in it’s tracks.

I was lucky enough to hear a fantastic presentation on the controlling and supporting a healthy endocrine system and balanced blood sugar with essential oils early last year.

The information shared was so awesome with plenty of case studies shared as well as the below recommendations to reverse unstable hormone production and blood sugar.

Are you following what I am alluding to here?

These were the recommendations shared with us to put the power back in the individuals hands without needing to resort to medical intervention. These are easily made lifestyle changes that take only commitment from you.

  • Restrict calories by 30% to support weight loss. Fasting allows the body to correct and repair damaged tissues and organs. Remove all refined sugars from the diet and seek out natural sweetener alternatives such as Lakanto instead.
  • Oils high in Linalool should be incorporated into a daily wellness plan. Linalool is a chemical compound found in numerous essential oils that support the pancreas to perform in a normal manner by increasing the the output and production of the hormones insulin and glucagon to control sugar levels.
  • Incorporate essential fatty acids in the diet to support the pancreas in achieving optimal function.
  • Incorporate 30 minutes of gentle exercise each and every day. Just go for a walk!
  • Desensitizing insulin receptors is necessary to make them work in a normal manner again. This can be supported with the following essential oils……

Grapefruit supports health tissues and protects against damage associated with ‘blood sugar concerns’. Also encourages the body to burn fat over carbohydrates for fuel.

Coriander has up to 80% Linalool concentration, encourages blood sugar balance, supports fat metabolism and a healthy circulation system. It’s important to note that Coriander EO could enhance the action of specific medications. Advice is recommended.

Cinnamon supports balanced blood sugar levels, aids in healthy circulation and metabolism. Supports healthy pancreas function and the production of necessary hormones. Protective to the kidneys against associated damage also.

Juniper Berry supports the pancreas, kidneys and liver in proper metabolizing of sugars and supporting normal blood sugar function. Juniper prevents protein glycation which plays a roller in diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

** Suggested Usage for the above essential oils is- 

2 drops coriander, 2 drops cinnamon, 2 drops grapefruit and 1 drop juniper berry in a capsule daily as needed.

Combine the above with-
doTerra’s Smart n Sassy Metabolic Blend capsules 2-5 times daily.
doTerra’s Terrazyme capsules with every meal to metabolize fat and extract optimum nutrition from your meals.
doTerra’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements for essential fatty acids and crucial systemic inflammation support.
A quarterly cleanse protocol to reduce the toxic load present in the body and support healing.

There are PLENTY of studies out there into the above EO’s and their ability to support the Endocrine System successfully. Remember that all of the above are lifestyle changes aka YOU can control them!!!

What is the cost of a few essential oils and supplements vs a lifetime of insulin injections??

Why wouldn’t you start there with the things which are in your power simply by making a decision to choose a healthy lifestyle over a medicated lifestyle.

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