doTerra’s New Oils

November 3, 2017

By Rebecca Carden

Oh my word. Have doTerra outdone themselves or what?!

I know many of you have been longing for the release of Rose and Jasmine particularly and here they are at long last amongst a collection of other incredible stand alone oils.

All of these oils are now available to order from the US Warehouse in your account. I recommend placing a US order this month to snap them up pronto and immerse yourself in their gorgeousness right away.

Here’s a brief run down for you…….

Interestingly all three of the touch oils released are powerful hormone balancers for women which to me makes them must haves for women kind.

Rose Touch: doTerra released it as a touch roll on to keep it affordable for everyone because let’s face it, not everyone is prepared to shell out on over $400 for a 5ml bottle of the purest rose around. I was lucky enough to receive a 5ml bottle of Rose last year and I can tell you that it is epic. I’ve never smelt anything quite like it and it lingers for days on your skin and hair.

Rose is amazing for all things skin for a start. Anti-ageing, healing to imperfections and blemishes and super nourishing.  Emotionally it’s the highest vibration oil available to us making it uplifting and calming with an impact that resonates through our cells. It is one of the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral also and there are profound testimonials of Rose doing things for people in crisis that even conventional medicine cannot do.

Jasmine Touch: Again kept affordable in touch form yet still packs an almighty punch.Jasmine is wonderful again for the skin and hair and particularly for our hormones acting as a mood booster, libido enhancer and reduces the symptoms of menopause. Jasmine also has brain function enhancing qualities, immune strengthening properties and is excellent for those with chronic fatigue related issues to support energy levels.

Neroli Touch: One of the most powerful oils for women, particularly during pregnancy as it is a fantastic uterine tonic. Neroli is well supported with evidence as to it’s effect on lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels as well as an anti convulsant and anti seizure agent.

There is also Blue Tansy, Siberian Fir and the beautiful Yoga Collection designed by Elèna Brower in conjunction with doTerra.

The one that I’m personally really excited about though is Copaiba, so much so that I ordered four bottles of it with the intention of giving samples to those who I know are in a state of health crisis and who may benefit significantly.

You’ve all heard of Cannabis Oil and it’s ability to have a profound positive impact on those with various health challenges. Well doTerra have been working really hard to create an oil that affords us those same therapeutic properties, without the use of Cannabis and without any legal ramifications, that is available to everyone. The potential for this essential oil is huge.

In case you haven’t seen the video presentation on Copaiba yet, I would love for you to take the time to watch it here-

Copaiba is an Amazonian Tree and the oil is derived from the resin of the Copaiba tree. It’s been used since the 16th century in traditional health practices by the natives of north and northeastern Brazil to cleanse, restore and provide healing energy.

doTerra’s Copaiba does not contain THC or CBD and is not derived from Cannabis BUT it does replicate the powerful benefits despite this.

It is a blend of four different species of Copal Resin to create an oil with over 60% BCP (Beta- Carophyllene. BCP is what gives Cannabis Oil it’s therapeutic effect without the psychotropic effects associated with it. doTerra is the only company in the world to combine four species to give this incredibly powerful oil.

I repeat- there are no psychoactive or ‘high’ affects associated with Copaiba. This is really important to highlight. doTerra is not in the business of giving people illicit highs, rather, their business is enhancing our overall health and wellbeing.

BCP has been extensively studied on it’s ability to moderate the bodies response to irritation and inflammation. Copiaba interacts with the CB 2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system. Unlike CBD (cannabidiol) it reacts directly with those receptors. CBD reacts with a naturally occurring enzyme that then reacts with our CB 2 receptors.

The benefits of Copaiba are that it does not react with our CB 1 receptors and will not cause any of the highs associated with THC. As it comes from a tree in the Amazon, there is no risk of contamination with THC. Also, the chemical constituent BCP (beta-carophallyene) is easier to extract from the plant material then CBD giving a more consistent chemical profile. This is important when using an oil for therapeutic benefit as Cannabis oil is notoriously inconsistent with it’s purity and impact.

Benefits of Copaiba include:

* Improved liver function and liver support

* excellent antioxidant properties

* cardiovascular system protective and enhancing

* calming, soothing and restoring to the digestive system

* supportive to theimmune system and autoimmune related concerns

* balancing and normalising to the endocrine system

* calms and soothes excited neurological tissues eg, neuropathy and tremors and works well with aiding neurodegenerative conditions.

* provides incredible anti inflammatory properties systemically

* fantastic analgesic or pain relief agent

* cellular health and regeneration

* skin support and rejuvenation

* studies show Beta Caryophyllene protects against chemo induced nephrotoxicity

* calms and soothes the nervous system and anxious feelings. Assists with sleep.

= Copaiba helps the body to become At Ease throughout all of the above systems mentioned.

This is a game changer guys and I can think of so many of you, my cherished and loved customers who I’ve gotten to know so well over the years, who could greatly benefit from this essential oil for a myriad of different health concerns.

Direct from Users: 

Alison: “It has already changed my sister’s life. In one week Copiaba has given her more relief then she has had in 10 years of traditional management for her muscle and nerve discomfort.

Molly: “Holy Mother of Oils!!!

I was spending $385 a month on another oil (Yes a 30 day supply for $385!) that doTERRA does not sell to get relief from the years of abuse my spine took through sports and a terrible automobile accident. Its effects would wear off after about 14 hours. But, WOW! This oil here is $35 (USD) with your wholesale doTERRA account and 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day is giving me the same results. I am blown away. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system similarly to other options that I mentioned above (not available in Australia) but for a fraction of the price and with zero negative side effects.

If some days you just wish you could make those nagging over-stimulated nerves just stop, this is the oil for you. I wish I could say more but because I sell doTERRA oils I have to limit the way I share my personal experience. This is so good for so much. Where the other oil made me drowsy. Not so at all with this oil!”.

Janine:  Parkinson’s Patient

“I have been using the copaiba, (having watched the youtube video Sunday) these past 2 days. The first night I felt a terrific sense of ease and relaxing throughout my body that I hadn’t felt for years. I also felt quite normal, (sure/steady/strong bodily movements, and no tremors) a miracle in itself. Medication uptake was also very quick, within 10-30 minutes, rather than 1 hour. I didn’t suffer with bloating either. I was also intellectually ‘switched on’, looking for things to do because I was bored (and I very rarely get bored, there are always neglected jobs to be done here around me, which are a major source of daily stress). I actually went to bed that first night feeling quite pleased with myself that I had managed to ‘do a lot’ that day. And this has continued…I’m coping better with day to day tasks and life”.

How it can be used:
Applied topically with carrier oil to affected tissues for local and system relief.
Put a drop or two in water, under the tongue or in a veggie capsule with meals.
Combine with Frankincense to enhance the anti inflammatory and pain relief benefits of Copaiba even further.
Diffuse for deep relaxation, calm and immune support.

To everyone who already has a doTerra account, this oil is now available to purchase from the US Warehouse. Please note that there is a limit of one bottle per account holder and only account holders may purchase Copaiba.

Copaiba is available with a wholesale account for $44AUD or $35US.
There are 280 drops in a 15ml bottle. Compare this to $400 a bottle for CBD oil!

To purchase go here and follow the prompts- 

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