Supporting Thyroid Function with Essential Oils

February 29, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

I’ve got a bit of personal experience under my belt with this and BOY am I not alone when it comes to the exploding numbers of women who share some kind of thyroid dysfunction.

We can thank our soil being depleted of essential thyroid nutrients such as iodine and selenium, our fluoridated water, plastics, glyphosate contaminated produce, heavy metals and gluten for this thyroid dysfunction mayhem.

I’ve heard from two Naturopaths just this week alone that they are alarmed at just how many of their clients are coming to see them with thyroid dysfunction. It’s insane.

It is SO important to make sure that your thyroid is functioning optimally because every cell in your body has a receptor for thyroid hormone. Vitamin D is the only other hormone to have a receptor on every cell. That tells us these two factors are incredibly crucial to human health.

When the thyroid gets inflamed it can do one of three things:
1. Go fast- Graves disease.
2. Go slow- Hashimoto’s disease.
3. Continue to function “normally” until one of the other two inevitably develops.

Did you know that the thyroid is referred to as the Third Ovary? Truth. This is because it governs the release of hormonal secretions in the ovaries and can affect the harmony and balance of every other hormone in the body. The thyroid’s main purpose is to survey each cell, keep our genome stable and ensure that every hormone works in perfect harmony.

Presently I’m on the underactive side (Hypoactive) but in times gone by I’ve also been overactive (Hyperactive) thanks to my Graves Disease diagnosis which I strongly suspect is due to high gluten exposure during my childhood years.

Things that are really BAD for the thyroid include:
– plastics
– pesticides
– fluoride
– chlorine
– large amounts of raw cruciferous vegetables can block iodine uptake
– soy & gluten
– leaky gut
– insulin resistance

Things that are CATASTROPHIC for the thyroid include:
– electromagnetic radiation
– mycotoxins

What I find truly baffling is that the incidence of thyroid dysfunction in women is huge yet due to Medicare restrictions, our GP’s only test for 1-3 out of the possible 7 recommended Thyroid Biomarkers that provide a complete picture of thyroid health. Couple this with the fact that 1 in 2 Australian women are Iodine deficient and yet again, our GP’s cannot test for it. We have a clear recipe for disaster.

Iodine deficiency is one of the most profound nutritional concerns in Australia. In fact, iodine deficiency is the biggest non-communicable disorder with an increase of 400% in the last 40 years!

From a worldwide perspective, the current level of iodine deficiency is pandemic. Over one third of the global population (1.5 billion people) is living on iodine deficient soils and are subject to significant iodine deficiency. According to the WHO, 72% of the global population is iodine deficient.

Iodine is essential in protecting the thyroid from attack by the threats mentioned above. It’s our shield. It’s also interesting to note that if you have Fibrocystic breasts or cystic ovaries, there is a fair chance you are also iodine deficient. An easy way to test this is to paint a couple of drops of Iodine on your forearm and watch the speed it absorbs. If it absorbs quickly you are deficient, slowly means you have plentiful stores. If the iodine stained patch disappears before the 24 hour mark, it’s safe to say you may be deficient.

So what are some easy things we can we do to support our thyroid health?

1. Every woman should request a FULL thyroid panel. You may be out of pocket for it but knowledge is GOOD. Empower yourself!
2. Test yourself for Iodine Deficiency.
3. Drink Filtered Water Only Please! Fluoride is no friend of the thyroid.
4. doTerra’s Microplex VMZ contains baseline levels of Iodine (13 mcg). We are aiming for a minimum daily intake of 250 mcg. Focus on increasing your intake of Seaweeds in your diet, particularly Kelp to support healthy iodine levels. Make sure your seaweed is sourced from radiation free zones please! Do not use iodised sea salt, that stuff is full of anti-caking agents that are harmful to our health.
5. The Microplex VMZ again contains baseline levels of Selenium (70 mcg) so this + increasing Selenium in our diet by way of eating 4 Brazil Nuts daily is fantastic.
6. doTerra’s DDR Prime is my favourite blend for Thyroid Health and contains 3 of the top oils for thyroid health (Lemongrass, Frankincense + Clove). Couple this with Myrrh, another powerhouse essential oil for our thyroid.

Lemongrass supports natural lymphatic drainage. The thyroid is very vulnerable to toxicity, especially toxic halides like fluoride and chlorine, which wreak havoc on the gland’s ability to create adequate amounts of hormone. Lemongrass supports healthy drainage of toxins out of the thyroid, making it easier for the gland to remain healthy.

Clove is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect the thyroid gland from free radical damage. It’s an essential oil that is high in phenols which are fabulous for clearing the receptor sites of cells and improving cell-to-cell communication in the body.

Frankincense supports healthy cellular replication. It’s an essential oil that’s high in monoterpenes which can help reprogram miswritten information in cellular memory. Frankincense is also a marvel for supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

Myrrh helps to soothe stress and bring balance to the thyroid. Myrrh is often referred to as the oil of the thyroid and often just the application of this one oil alone is enough to restore harmony to the thyroid no matter which way it is swinging.

I have a roller bottle made up of DDR Prime + Myrrh that I apply over my thyroid currently twice daily.

Ok that’s a tonne of information I’ve thrown at you folks so I’ll leave it there. Hope that’s been helpful for someone.

x Bec

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