Essential Oils for Hormone Balance

March 6, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

Secret Superheros for Women Everywhere……

No matter what stage of life or stage of cycle, these two beautiful rollers have got your back.

Let’s kick off with ClaryCalm shall we?

I do not enjoy the smell of her but I sure do appreciate her benefits 😁
Clary Calm arrives undiluted which means she is powerful and for sensitive constitutions I always recommend splitting the bottle between two rollers and topping them up with fractionated coconut oil to reduce the intensity of the 11 different plant extracts featured in this blend because they really do pack a punch. I really do think diluting this blend is a wise move for anybody though as it will only save you money and your skin from developing any kind of sensitivity ok.

Think Clary Sage, Vitex, Carrot Seed, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel and Palmarosa….it smells like a veritable herb garden.

Sweet Fennel – Contains anethole 50 – 90%  making it the most powerful and effective phytoestrogenic essential oil. Fennel has a fantastic oestrogenic affect making it particularly useful for bolstering low oestrogen levels in the first half of your cycle or during menopause.

Clary Sage – Contains Sclareol which is a plant estrogen that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce estrogen, again making it a useful oil for oestrogen deficiency.   Clary Sage is an excellent uterine tonic and works synergistically with Geranium.

Geranium – Has a powerful balancing effect on the endocrine system, particularly the adrenals. It’s a brilliant regulator of hormone function on many different levels. It is also a great tonic for healthy mucus membranes, keeping them well hydrated and supple.

Vitex – Is renowned for it’s tonic nature on the reproductive system and is wonderful for bringing cycles back into balance and regulation. It is one of the best essential oils we have for balancing progesterone levels and particularly for women trying to conceive this is important as low progesterone levels are unable to sustain a pregnancy.

That’s a little breakdown for you on the core oils that feature in this blend. Clary Calm is a non negotiable for womenkind of all life stages and men too actually given it goes by the other name of the “New Wifey Blend’ and makes us less stabby stabby, more happy happy.

Here’s why Clary Calm needs to be included in your wellness arsenal friends- It’s all things moon cycle support. Symptoms are soothed so you are more Jekyll and less Hyde, cramping dissipates, tension is allayed, hot flashes are cooled, spirits are lifted and you can function more like a normal human if your period has been getting in the way. Hormonal imbalances can be gently nudged back into regularity and our reproductive system is well nourished, toned and oxygenated thanks to the blood cleansing, purifying and circulation supporting oils in this blend. ClaryCalm is a fantastic womb and uterus tonic.

For anyone fresh off The Pill experiencing those wild irregularities and lack of all and any rhythm, you will likely be so well supported with ClaryCalm and soon no doubt, you will be like clockwork again, though this time without the fakery of synthetic hormones. FYI- Coming off the Pill or any kind of synthetic contraceptive will be the best thing you ever do for your body. Truly. Synthetic contraceptives wreck absolute chaos with our body in so many different ways and it can take years to fully recover.

And now onto Neroli which is nearly always in my hair along with Jasmine or Rose. If you lean in for a sniff, I can almost guarantee it will be present such is her signature scent.

Neroli is the Rescue Remedy of essential oils. Her playful floral aroma of fresh Orange Blossom lightens the load on anyone’s shoulders and immediately lifts the spirits and buoys the heart. For anyone looking to quieten down the noise of constant mental chatter, Neroli will take you there thanks to her ability to evoke Alpha and Theta brain wave states where we can relax, daydream, find our creative flow, tap into our subconscious states, visualise powerfully and imprint new positive behaviors.

Try incorporating her into your meditation and gratitude practices big time either in your diffuser or just inhaling straight from your hands. These same superpowers are wonderfully supportive for Postpartum Mummas and I encourage you to dap her onto your forearms, roll her over your heart and behind your ears.

During labor or pre-period, Neroli will help ease your discomfort such is her ability to dampen the messages of fear and anxiety that often heighten our experience of pain. A randomised clinical trial examined the role of neroli oil to alleviate anxiety during the first stage of pregnancy. The results of the trial confirmed that neroli was able to significantly lower anxiety.

Another study of 63 healthy postmenopausal women participated in a randomised controlled trial which investigated the effects of inhalation of neroli on menopausal symptoms, stress and estrogen. Compared with the control group, the neroli group showed significant improvements in blood pressure, cortisol levels and estrogen concentrations. It was concluded that inhalation of neroli helps relieve menopausal symptoms, increases sexual desire and reduces blood pressure in postmenopausal women.

Let these two oils wrap you up in a big bear hug today. Two delicious, femme loving and vibing oils that I adore and wish I could gift every woman.

x Bec

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