Boobie Tea by Yandina Apotheca

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Boobie Tea by Yandina Apotheca

Product Description

Boobie is the most fabulous breastfeeding and Postpartum Loose Leaf Tea you’ve ever had sitting in your cupboard and Ashley at Yandina Apotheca is a Tea Witch if ever there was one.

Boobie is a fresh, delicious and rich herbal formulation needed by every mama. It’s everything she needs leading up to birth, and everything both her and baby need together older the first 6 months of their time together. I love how this tea is designed replenish and support mum, while also offering relief to baby when wind and colic arise.

Nourishing herbs, such as raspberry leaves, stinging nettle, oatstraw, prepared as strong infusions not only encourage a plentiful supply of breast milk; they also support the overall health of mother and child. The minerals in these herbs are amazingly abundant, so they counter mineral loss from nursing, and help keep mom calm and alert during those first few weeks of round-the-clock infant.

Raspberry Leaf and Nettle Leaf supply vitamins and minerals, notably calcium, needed for plentiful lactation.

Fennel seed, Dill seed, Caraway seed and Aniseed is a combination that not only increases the milk supply but also eases after-pains and settles the digestion of Mum and bub.

Chamomile is known to calm a fussy baby, assist the digestion of baby, and also bring some calm to mum – who may be experiencing an uneasy time adjusting to mama life.

The Ancient Greeks used Chamomile Flower, Dill seed, Caraway seed and Aniseed for a wind tonic for baby thousands of years ago, and would even prepare a warm brew for baby to drink directly as it grew older.

These seeds also tone the digestive system. Their powers are carried through the breast milk, soothing colic and indigestion. And they taste delicious!

Nettle leaf can help a myriad of things. Nettle is potent to increase low iron, support adrenals, help with milk supply, support the body during menstrual cycle. It is supportive of the liver and kidneys and has been said to bring more chi back into the body. Nettle will assist your body after the blood loss during birth, and reduce postpartum bleeding time. It is also powerful enough to heal damaged tissue.

Rosehips are also so important in this time which is where Whole C tea comes in. Both Boobie and Whole C can be drunk several times daily leading up to, and after birth.

This tea features the most premium form of the herb available in Australia. The Chamomile Flowers are stemless and the most fragrant you will ever smell, the Nettle leaf is a premium Organic – more potent than a standard organic leaf found on the shelf.