Iron Restore Bundle

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  • Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 90 Softgels

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Iron Restore Bundle

Product Description

Are you aware that we have an Iron Recycling system in our body that takes care of 98% of our body’s iron needs?

We actually only need to consume a tiny amount of iron through our diet – our Iron Recycling System (Reticular Endothelial System) takes care of the rest AS LONG AS we have enough bio available Copper and Retinol in our diet and this is where most people fall well short. The truth is we are consuming far too much iron and absolutely not enough copper and retinol containing foods.

What do Beef Liver and Cod Liver Oil have in common? An absolute boat load of Vitamin A in its most biologically available form – Retinol.

Study upon study concludes that iron supplementation alone performs a pretty poor job at improving iron stores and restoring haemoglobin levels. However, a combination of iron supplementation and retinol demonstrates far more beneficial results in improving iron status. Iron deficiency and Anemia are associated with low retinol levels and low copper.

Whilst Beef Liver does contain some heme iron (around 4.9mg per 100g), the key to both Beef Liver and Cod Liver restoring iron status lies in the naturally occurring Retinol and its ability to make Copper bio available which in turn keeps our iron recycling system operating.

Although liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, beef spleen is five times richer in bioavailable Heme Iron containing 7.7mg of heme iron which is a whopping 60% of the RDI.

Combining iron-rich spleen with liver provides the added benefit of synergistic nutrients such as Folate, Copper, Vitamin A, B12, & B2 to assist with iron’s absorption.  Beef Liver & Spleen are two of the most naturally abundant sources of highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) Heme Iron to assist in restoring low Iron to a healthy level. Together with Cod Liver Oil, we can provide the iron recycling system with all the retinol and copper it needs to kick start into action again.

Research concludes that Retinol has a 78% correlation with restoring iron status, yet this information is kept out of reach for people. Over the counter Iron supplements will cause a temporary increase in hemoglobin and red blood cell production but it is simply not sustainable without Retinol being present. So damn interesting yes?

What many so called Anemic women find (believe me I’ve received SO many testimonies to this) is that once they begin working to increase all the iron co factors (retinol, copper, wholefood C complex, magnesium), suddenly the gates open and iron starts flooding out of their tissues where it’s been stored and their ferritin, serum iron and saturation starts miraculously popping up – ALL without ANY conventional iron supplementation.

Rosita Cod Liver Oil and Beef Liver are the gateway to restoring your own iron recycling system by taking care of all your copper and retinol needs.

For those serious about restoring their iron status, below are the recommended dosing guidelines for Beef Liver and Cod Liver.

For Beef Liver and Spleen: The goal is  4000-6000mg per day which will work out to between 4-6 capsules spread across your morning and lunch.