Essential Oils for Breast Health

August 12, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

*** Boobs! ***

Made you look 🙂

But seriously, having a breast health maintenance plan is a wonderful thing for every woman out there.

Looking after the health of our breasts is crucial and there is so much that we can do to help keep them healthy when it comes to the arsenal of wellness products doTerra and Mumma Nature have provided us with.

I really feel that the powerhouse combination of doTerra’s DDR Prime and Alpha CRS is key to supporting the health of our breasts. These two products help to tame inflammation, ensure proper apoptosis function and keep cells functioning normally.

Apoptosis is our bodies own innate way of killing off cells that are dying or damaged in some way. If cellular apoptosis and regeneration are compromised, sub-optimal health conditions may follow. DDR Prime supports this process which is really cool it’s a mighty powerful blend in our toolkit to keep our cells healthy.

Alpha CRS helps to make our internal cellular environment healthy by lowering inflammation and feeding our cells the building blocks they need for efficient energy production.

It has crazy high levels of polyphenols which support proper cell proliferation and the lifespan of cells. Those polyphenols (think of them as supercharged antioxidants) reduce oxidative stress to DNA and other critical cell structures. They protect our DNA against nucleic oxidation which is basically rapid cell ageing.

As we age, so does our Mitochondria which are energy powerhouses of body and give us LIFE.

Ageing Mitochondria means less efficient energy production and more toxic output as they produce energy much like a car with a crappy exhaust spewing fumes.

Here are the key points of awesomeness about Alpha CRS you need to know-

* Cells are given the ingredients to thrive for longer with CRS.
* Cells perform their functions correctly and at their full capacity.
* Cells undergo self destruction at the right times.
* The lifespan of Mitochondria is supported which means we can slow down the signs of ageing.
* Supports healthy genetic expression.
* The daily dose of Alpha CRS = 5000+ on the ORAC scale and features 10 servings of fruit and veg.

Honestly the ingredients in this product read like a rockstar superfood line up with ALL my favourites including Pomegranate, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Resveratrol and Boswellia Resin Extract.

Onto the wonders of DDR Prime!

DDR stands for “DNA Damage Reversal” – it’s a potent and powerful blend that supports healthy cellular integrity.

He’s designed to combat cell oxidisation much the same as Alpha CRS and promote healthy, vital cellular turnover.  DDR Prime seeks out dis-eased or mutating cells and flips the switch for them to either die or regeneration if all is not lost.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and it is the carrier of our genetic information. Maintaining its integrity is KEY to our health and wellbeing!

As my darling friend Holly Mills Lynch so clearly described it for us – “In a nutshell DNA is like a photocopier. It pumps out copies of instructions for how our cells function. Like a photocopier (or scanner) it sometimes starts to produce copies with a black mark or glitch… once there it continues to pump out copies with that glitch. DDR Prime gets rid of the glitch!

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage or “oxidize” cells throughout the body in a process called Oxidative Stress. Over time, oxidative stress can leave our cells and tissues unable to function properly due to compromised & damaged DNA, tissue, & cell membranes (the underpinnings of almost all of our chronic diseases).”

DDR Prime was one of the first products that found its way into my continuous health care plan to support my immune system dysfunction. For those with Auto Immune issues, you’ll know that they need constant monitoring and careful awareness of the cues your body gives off.
DDR has been indispensable. I take this liquid gold blend of Niaouli, Litsea, Frankincense, Summer Savory, Wild Orange, Clove, Thyme and Lemongrass daily in a little spoonful of olive oil to make sure it’s absorbed readily by my body and reaches all the cells that require a little extra TLC.

Remember that most essential oils are lipophilic which means they LOVE fats! To ensure proper absorption and maximum benefits from the oils you ingest, it’s important to combine them with a healthy fat such as olive or coconut oil. ​

The daily recommended serving of 8 drops of DDR Prime a day hits 5000 on the ORAC scale of antioxidant capacity. Paired with Alpha CRS, we achieve the suggested 10,000+ ORAC daily recommended amounts for optimal cellular health and longevity.
For me- DDR keeps my thyroid healthy and happy, keeps inflammation under wraps and provides me with an all round robust immune system. Definitely one to add to your wellness arsenal AI peep’s 💪🏻⠀
I prefer ordering the liquid in from the US rather than popping the capsules because you get more bang with your buck AND the versatility of using the blend topically as well as internally. Also, people tend to experience reflux or the repeating of the DDR Prime softgel’s yet don’t have any issue taking the liquid so if this is you, try the liquid.

Here’s how to use everything I’ve mentioned…

✔️ Take Alpha CRS daily as recommended which is 4 capsules a day.

✔️ Take 4 drops of DDR Prime twice daily in a tsp of coconut or olive oil OR apply topically over the chest or around the breasts/ under the arms via massage.

✔️ Apply a high Limonene Citrus essential oil via topical massage around the breast and lymphatic area daily post shower diluted with a carrier oil OR add to your water bottle throughout the day.

Prevention and self care is the name of the game guys and a wellness routine such as the above mentioned will only improve our cell resiliency.

As always, I would love to be the support person who guides you towards better health. Sing out if this post resonated with you or if you would like some help introducing these supplements to your home.

x Bec

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