Copaiba Essential Oil For Acne Prone Skin

September 14, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

Did you know Copaiba is one of the BEST oils for helping blemish prone skin??

Copaiba has some pretty awesome compounds which are proving to be powerful inflammatory response modulators.

Studies have shown Copaiba essential oil can be super helpful in reducing both the redness and swelling that comes with big arse pimples in addition to soothing the pain and discomfort that goes hand in hand.

How’s this for awesome-

In March 2012 a study was conducted into the ability of Copaiba to work against Acne Vulgaris. Researchers conducted a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial aimed at testing the effects of copaiba essential oil on volunteers with acne.

Participants conducted twice-daily applications of Copaiba essential oil in a gel base onto their skin for 21 days.
There was a highly significant decrease in the surface affected with acne in the areas treated with the Copaiba essential oil preparation.

“A positive clinical effect occurred with evidence of “(1) cessation in the eruption of new pustules, (2) healing of pre-existing pustules, and (3) diminishing of erythematous [redness of skin caused by inflammation] area.”
The researchers found that copaiba oil-resin “acts as a defense against microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria.”

Yay for Mumma Nature!!

Gosh I wish I knew of Copaiba when I was going through my own hellish skin experience for years.
The repercussions of multiple courses of antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Roaccutane and more left me with shit show of immune system and gut health damage not to mention the hospital visits for blood noses that just would not stop.

Here’s some suggestions for use……
– Add a drop of Copaiba to your Verage Moisturiser or Skin Serum (I make my own) and apply twice daily.
– Dab Copaiba neat onto any blemishes to ease inflammation and support the fight against bacteria and reduce redness.
– Incorporate Copaiba internally by using a drop under your tongue or in a veggie capsule twice daily.

I hope this helps a fellow human in need of some blemish fighting spirit out there. I’ve been there, I feel you and want to help you.

Holla at me if you think Copaiba needs to be a part of your skin care regime.


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