Alternatives to On Guard for Immune Support

April 18, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

My word has there been a stampede for On Guard and all its protective friends or WHAT.

On Guard is far from the only oil we can lean on for immune-supportive properties though, in fact, it’s probably been used the least in our household because I’m sensitive to Clove when it’s used aromatically.

I really do feel that people get stuck in an On Guard rut, particularly during a time like this (COVID-19) and completely forget about the infinite number of other fantastic oils we have at our disposal.

These are my top oils to incorporate on the daily and utilize in the making up of our own DIY Veggie Cap’s, Diffuser Blends or Rollers to up-level and amplify your innate immune systems capabilities…..they will do for you what On Guard does, just without the On Guard!

1. DDR Prime – A powerhouse of immune supportive and anti inflammatory compounds.
2. Thyme – One of the best singular oils to fight pathogens of any kind.
3. Melissa – THE best anti V oil we have at our disposal.
4. Tea Tree – Fantastic versatile germ buster.
5. Rose – Completely overlooked when it comes to her power to combat germs.
6. Lemon Myrtle – Right up there with Melissa.
7. Oregano – One for the adults only, too strong for use with kids.
8. Copaiba – Brilliant for reducing acute and systemic inflammation.
9. Geranium – An excellent all rounder for pathogen busting.
10. Black Pepper – Brilliant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds,
11. Cinnamon – Antimicrobial and biofilm busting.
12. Clove- Anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and biofilm busting.
13. Lemon Eucalyptus & Eucalyptus – Fantastic for cleansing the lungs.
14. Arborvitae – Potent antimicrobial and inflammation modulator.
15. Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir and Cypress – Support Natural KIller Cell activity.
16. Frankincense – Inflammation modulator and
17. Peppermint – Underrated antimicrobial and anti V essential oil.
18. ALL the Citrus Oils for their cleansing monoterpenes and antioxidant protection.

Phewww, see it’s a rather exhaustive list FULL of choice and you can kiss that On Guard rut goodbye.

Each of these oils affords our body an abundance of cellular immune system nourishment in their own unique way and if you do some exploration on PubMed you will see the full scope of their potential.

Any combination of these oils will work, you really can’t go wrong but here are some parameters for you to work with –
Choose oils with complementary superpowers. For example,
👉 Decongestant (Copaiba) + Expectorant (Black Pepper)
👉 Antispasmodic (Eucalyptus) + Healthy Inflammatory Response Promoter (Frankincense)
👉 Antioxidant (DDR Prime) + Anti Germies (Melissa)
Do you get the idea?? This is how I like to structure my blends.

When it comes to tree oils, honestly you cannot get enough of them. This is how we Forest Bathe at home when we can’t actually get to the Forest. Fir oils are absolutely chockers with phytoncides that boost the functionality of our natural killer cells.

Pair your Fir oils with monoterpene and antioxidant-rich Citrus oils for a winning, all day errrry day diffuser combo 👌

To make your own On Guard Plus Softgels here’s what you need –

2 drops of On Guard (or Cinnamon, Clove & Rosemary)
1 drop of Melissa (or Lemongrass or Litsea)
1 drop of Black Pepper
1 drop of Oregano
top with Olive oil or MCT oil

If you want to make them in bulk, store them in a zip lock bag in your freezer and they’ll be happy for months. Cold temperatures do not destroy essential oils, only hot.

This blend would also be amazing in a roller bottle with the addition of Arborvitae. 

The ratios I would use for an adult are below –
10 drops of On Guard (or Cinnamon, Clove & Rosemary)
5 drops of Melissa/ Litsea or Lemongrass
5 drops of Oregano
5 drops of Black Pepper
5 drops of Arborvitae

Top with carrier and apply on the soles of the feet or along the spine.

The most direct method of supporting the lungs and respiratory system is to inhale them OR use a suppository if you are feeling adventurous and have no shame 😉

Salt Pipes are AWESOME and combined with essential oils, even better for directly accessing and supporting the bronchial system.

You can buy one here –

Suppositories – “Essential oils delivered via (rectal) suppositories go directly to the lung tissues, specifically the lower bronchial capillaries. They are fed directly into the heart-lung circulatory system without first being subjected to biotransformation by the liver detoxification enzyme system. Consequently, they reach the lower bronchial capillaries in their original lipophilic and volatile state, still capable of eliminating pathogenic microorganisms and dissolving and expectorating mucus.”

Simply melt down virgin organic coconut oil (not FCO) or Cacao Butter before cooling to body temperature and adding your blend of essential oils aiming for no more than 5 drops of oil per suppository. Store in the freezer and use 1-2 times a day in the AM and PM but really only if you have an actual onset of respiratory distress.

One of the great features of using essential oils therapeutically is the ease with which they get into our cells and our bloodstream. Because of their lipophillic (‘fat-friendly’) nature, essential oils pass gracefully through cell membranes and make their way throughout our body no matter what the method of application.

That’s an awful lot of information so ending here!

If you are craving some of this plant-based, holistic self-care medicine, hit me up and let’s get you some oils.

x Bec

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