Why Essential Oils?

October 16, 2016

By Rebecca Carden

So why essential oils.

Because here’s the thing, all the healthy food in the world is not going to get you feeling the best you possibly can if you are ingesting chemicals and toxins everyday.

Most of us live highly toxic lifestyles without even knowing it.

Your dishwashing detergent, soap, hand wash, laundry liquid, spray n wipe, deodorant, shampoo, air freshener, skin care…… if you are buying conventional supermarket products we guarantee you they contain parabens, phthalates and more artificial fragrances than you can poke a stick at.

These nasty ingredients equate to – endocrine/ hormone disruption, respiratory conditions such as asthma, skin disorders such as eczema and mental disorders such as chronic fatigue, depression and emotional disturbances.

We live in a toxic world and our children are being exposed to far more environmental chemicals than we were when we were young. The more you know about these toxins, the scarier life becomes. We wonder how we can protect our children from being poisoned and we make decisions to reduce their exposure, for example by buying organic food.

Beyond this though we often feel powerless.

How can one person clean up smog and pollution from a local coal burning power plant? How can we fight the spraying of pesticides in nearby fields?

Research is showing that children affected by paediatric disorders such as ADHD, Asthma, allergies, autism, chronic illness, depression, learning and language delay, and digestive and behavioural disorders are coming from families with a history of “brain-immuno-gut disorders” triggered by toxins in and around the home, malnutrition and infections.

The rise in these childhood diseases signals a need for preventative healthcare that focuses on cellular health by optimising nutrient intake while minimising toxins.

We know that choosing a clean, whole food diet is the path to wellness but that only gets us some of the way. We have to reduce and minimise the amount of toxins we absorb as well.

While we plan how to change the world and stop pollution, we can start to protect our children and ourselves by cleaning up our home environment in a few simple steps.

Our local environment includes the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the creams and soaps we put on our skin and of course the food we eat.

That’s where using therapeutic essential oils comes in to the game.

We can replace all of the conventional cleaning, beauty and health care products with essential oils and by doing so, massively reduce our toxic load.

Makes sense doesn’t it.

Essential oils are the protective and regenerative substance of a plant that allows it to fight threats such as fungus, viruses and bacteria. When we use essential oils for our own health and around the home, we get all the same benefits.

Essential oils provide us with a way to address the cause of illness, with no side effects, empowering us to take control of our health naturally by removing the use of harmful chemicals.

That’s why we love them and advocate for their use.

We think every home should have an essential oils kit so they can do everything we’ve mentioned above and take the power back.

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