The Top Six Essential Oils for Gut Health

June 8, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

Gut Health is a topic close to my heart because it is just so damn incredibly important for each and every one of us to THRIVE both physically and emotionally.

When it seems every second person you talk to appears to be dealing with some kind of gut related health concern I feel it’s my duty to share with you what I learn and the approaches I personally take. If it helps someone out there reading this, awesome.

Did you know that the two most popular Starter Kits doTerra offer (the Essential Collection and Home Essentials Kit) are both epic gut health foundational kits? Didn’t think so.

Six of the oils in the Home Essentials Kit and it’s budget version (the Essentials Collection) are truly awesome for looking after a myriad of different gut health concerns.

Be it kicking Candida’s butt, supporting the integrity of our gut wall, assisting with the absorption of nutrients, killing off parasites and pathogens or supporting a sluggish and or fast moving bowel in both adults and kids alike…..there is an essential oil in these kits to help.

Here’s a run down of my top six essential oils for gut health support:

Lemon- Stimulates our gallbladder and helps dissolve gallstones, supports healthy liver function, fights the war against H.Pylori bacteria which is attributed to Reflux, GERD, heartburn and ulcers, aids the digestion of food and fats through the release of gastric juices, relieves constipation, fights candida, inhibits the growth of yeast and fungus and an excellent complete body detoxification tonic oil.

Lavender- Excellent against Candida, calms gut spasms and supports calm bowel motions, effective against e coli bacteria making it great to turn to during food poisoning, reduces inflammation in the intestine and calms irritated internal tissues.

Oregano- He’s basically Anti everything, inhibits the growth of Candida, fights infections caused by harmful pathogens and bacteria aka SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), reduces intestinal permeability otherwise known as Leaky Gut through supporting the integrity and tightness of the gut wall, eradicates parasites and worms.

Frankincense- Amazing to ease inflamed and sore intestinal tissues, Colitis and IBS support, supports the assimilation and breakdown of the foods we eat.

DigestZen- Inhibits H.Pylori bacteria, calms reflux, GERD, heartburn, soothes irritated and inflamed intestines, balances out bowel motions no matter whether they are too fast or too flow, great for sluggish bowels aka constipation, stimulates peristaltic motion, warms the digestive system, effective against harmful gut pathogens, supports healthy bacteria in the gut, aids the digestion of food and fats, calms bloating and spasms in the gut and is a wonder when it comes to being accidentally glutened or dairied if you are intolerant.

I could not love this oil anymore. It was my gateway oil and a key reason behind my desire to work with doTerra. I value it’s support that much.

Peppermint- Cools the digestive system and amazing anti inflammatory, great if there is too much heat eg, heartburn or reflux, excellent for cramping, gut spasms and pain, IBS, colitis, expels excess gas, beneficial effect on the balance of gut bacteria in SIBO, stimulates the gallbladder and encourages the release of bile, perfect for dealing with nausea.

All of the oils mentioned above can be used both internally and topically because that IS the purity and integrity of doTerra. doTerra guarantee that there will never be anything but the plant from which that oil came within those little brown bottles.

If you would prefer to listen to me riff on all things oils for gut health, come and watch my video below and come follow me over at @MyGoodnessEssentials.

Each of those oils is included in both the Essential Collection Kit ($174AU) and the Home Essentials Kit ($330AU). For those based in the States, it will be the Family Essentials Kit and Home Essentials Kits.

What this means is that we can get 10 essential oils + a diffuser for the price of 6 if we purchase them in a kit rather than individually which would cost us $249.  That is amazing value!

The other recommendation I have for gut health support is using a Digestive Enzyme alongside your oils. Digestive Enzymes save lives I believe. They were an absolute game changer for myself, my partner and my dad when it came to reflux, bloating and proper digestion of food.

Digestive enzymes as the name suggestions, contain enzymes that help us break down, assimilate and absorb our fats, proteins and carbohydrates. They allow our body to get the maximum amount of nutrition out of the food we eat. I’ve been using doTerra’s Terrazyme Digestive Enzymes for 5 years now and I do not go anywhere without them.

If I am accidentally glutened and develop a bloated and painful belly, I know that taking two Terrazymes and applying DigestZen topically over my belly is going to help that pain and bloating disappear real quick.

We’ve successfully got my dad off Nexium by using Terrazyme and my partner swears by Terrazyme if he’s eaten something that does not agree with him.

What you will find is that your energy increases when your body is able to extract more goodness from the food you eat. I take one before every meal to maximise nutrient uptake.

I truly believe that when combined with the right diet and lifestyle approach WE can handle whatever our gut throws at us without resorting to NSAID’s or Proton Pump Inhibitors which are the usually medications prescribed to patients suffering with a variety of digestive complaints.

I really hope this is useful information to you and as always I LOVE hearing from you so shoot me a message and let’s chat about what’s going on for you and the best approach to achieve the best health outcome.

I’d love to be the one to help you on your gut healing journey and for those that are ready to start doing something about it right now……I have a special gift for you if you decide to get started with a Home Essentials Kit this month so don’t be afraid to reach out and say hello to me!

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