Superfeast Reishi

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Superfeast Reishi

Product Description

Reishi really is a supreme protector on every level – spiritually, mentally, physically and immunologically. The medicinal mushroom is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular support and as a powerful immune tonic.

Reishi is a powerful immuno-modulator and can provide support for the body. Reishi strengthens the immune system by enhancing the monocyte, macrophage and T lymphocyte activity. Furthermore reishi has been shown to increase the longevity and strength of white blood cells (WBC), supporting both the quality and quantity; these cells are significantly lowered during harsh treatments. Reishi has further been shown to protect from radiation and has anti-angiogenesis activity (meaning inhibits the growth of new blood vessels).

This magical mushroom has long been used to improve cardiovascular health, including to reduce LDL and VLDL cholesterol and lower high blood pressure. Clinically it has been shown to prevent and treat shortness of breath and hardening of the arteries.

Reishi has a calming effect and will relax the central nervous system, helping with insomnia, anxiety and general restlessness, promoting feelings of peacefulness. Reishi can be particularly effective for menopause if anxiety is present. Plus reishi before bedtime, for sleep, can be a particularly beneficial practice to uphold.

Reishi is particularly effective for allergic asthma and alleviating allergies and excessive coughing. How does it do this? The ganoderic acid in reishi inhibits histamine release and for anyone who knows about allergies, histamine plays a key role.

The use of reishi in pregnancy is steeped in tradition and empirical knowledge, having been used for thousands of years. Traditional uses saw reishi providing a calming anchor for mothers during pregnancy, as well as during the birthing process. Master Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden reports that pregnant women in Asia seek reishi as an immune builder for themselves and their foetus. Teeguarden spoke of “reishi babies,” babies whose mothers took reishi throughout pregnancy. “I saw some of these children, older and newborn, and they appeared uniformly calm and focused. The infants had little or no inflammations on their face or hands, cried little, and appeared to take in their surroundings with incredible acuity.”

Ingredients • Semi-wild duanwood-grown, dual-extracted red reishi mushroom fruiting body extract powder.

Start with ¼ – ½ tsp daily.
Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea.
Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.