Aussie Trace Minerals Magnesium Spray – 120ml

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Aussie Trace Minerals Magnesium Spray – 120ml

Product Description

Naturally harvested from the pristine Southern Australian coast, Aussie Trace Minerals is a pure IONIC trace mineral solution derived from 100% solar concentrated and sodium reduced ocean water.

In addition to being very high in absorbable Magnesium, it also contains over 70 other minerals and electrolytes, making it a complete and balanced formula.

Ocean water is widely recognized as the absolute best source of minerals and trace elements found anywhere on this planet. Aussie Trace Minerals concentrates this amazing source of nutrients to create a line of products that are highly effective and are as clean and naturally balanced as one could hope for.

Our finished product is a liquid mineral solution containing over 70 minerals and electrolytes that are in their IONIC and ORGANIC forms, which allows our Aussie Trace Minerals to be easily recognized and utilized by the human body, providing simple and lasting results.

Trace minerals work as a team, plain and simple. Sure, we have a very impressive amount of Ionic Magnesium (54mg in each serving) of Aussie Trace Minerals, but equally important is the presence of the other 70+ minerals that provide the crucial balance to our formula.

Any element that we consume in hopes of providing us with health benefits has a dependency on many other minerals and electrolytes in order to both absorb and work effectively for us. To take high amounts of any mineral in isolation has the very real potential to throw off the elemental balance within our systems and create havoc in many ways.

Magnesium needs Phosphorous (and many other minerals) to both assimilate and function properly in our bodies, yet that Phosphorous  will have a list of elements that it requires to perform its functions and this pattern of co dependency continues right across the periodic table. It becomes quite clear that in order to properly utilize these very important trace minerals in our bodies, we need to provide them in balance so that they can be of greatest benefit to us.

Please Consider Your Source

This Can’t be Overstated Enough. Approximately 88% of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere, and therefore 88% of the pollution is here as well. When we look to provide an ocean based trace mineral supplement that absorbs so effectively in the human body, we need to be extremely careful to source our ingredients from a super clean and pure source.

We’re not sourcing from an inland sea (lake) in the Northern Hemisphere as other well known Trace Mineral brands do, where there are endless concerns over water quality and contamination due to human intervention. If a brand has to repeatedly issue public statements to allay customer fears that its source is clean and free from heavy metals – that would have me nervous.
This information is readily available on the web.

With Aussie Trace Minerals, we source our one and only ingredient from the Southern Hemisphere where only 12% of the world’s population lives. Not only that, but by being situated in The Great Southern Bite of Australia towards Antarctica, we are at the very southern part of the Southern Hemisphere where there are very few people and almost zero industry. In addition to getting our minerals from a pristine environment, we are also sourcing from a living, breathing, dynamic eco system. where there are literally millions of life forms in every square inch of ocean water.

All of these living beings break down the minerals from their inorganic rock form, into a predigested, organic form which is perfect for us to absorb and utilize within our bodies.If our goal is to be more balanced and healthier, perhaps we should be looking for nutrients that exhibit these very same traits.

Exceptional Transparency 

What impressed me most about Aussie Trace Minerals is their dedication to third party testing across solvents, PCB’s, Dioxins, Heavy Metals, Microbes and numerous other contaminants. All up to date batch testing information is readily available on their website. They repeatedly produce statistically perfect results across the board – their products are super clean and they welcome any curly questions you wish to throw at them!

In Regards to Plastic Bottle Storage
Aussie Minerals use BPA Free plastic bottles for their mineral solutions. The reason that their finished product can not have leaching of plastic concerns has to do with the density of their liquid solution. Aussie Minerals are approximately 398,000 ppm of total dissolved solids which is as saturated as a liquid can get. Because of this, our solution can not possibly accept anything from its surrounding environment as it is already completely full.

To further clarify this statement, we will give an example of distilled water which is the exact opposite situation. Distilled water has a saturation of approximately 1ppm which means that this solution is extremely empty (hungry) and will readily accept from its surroundings. If you were to test distilled water that has been stored in plastic packaging, you would find it to be absolutely full of chemicals, as water always looks to return to its natural balance. So interesting.

Use in conjunction with Aussie Minerals Electrolytes for best results in attaining excellent magnesium saturation. You will also find that this product does not sting the skin on application either. I love it.

Recommended Use – Spray on tired muscles post workout to enhance recovery, before bed to aid quality of sleep or reduce muscle spasms, post sauna.