Pure Myo-Inositol by Maternally Happy 300g

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Pure Myo-Inositol by Maternally Happy 300g

Product Description

Maternally Happy Myo-Inositol is pharmaceutical grade, 100% pure powder and is third party heavy metal and microbiological tested. Myo-Inositol is fundamental for cell membranes, reproductive health, metabolic disorders and for optimal functioning of the nervous system.

Myo-inositol is a vitamin-like nutrient (unofficially classified as a B vitamin B8) produced by the body and found in many foods. It’s gained a growing appreciation for its purported benefits in women with PCOS. But myo-inositol is also being researched for reducing anxiety, improving diabetes, regulating thyroid antibodies and thyroid hormone as well as enhancing fertility in men.

All cells need myo-inositol to survive. Once they take it in, they transform it to phosphatidylinositol, a crucial component of cell membranes. Myo-inositol also helps orchestrate the activity of hormones.

It affects the very structure of cells, metabolism in brain cells, fat burning and storage, energy use, and the stress response. It is equally important for the brain, as it protects neurons and nerves.

Myo-inositol is also used by the ovaries to make hormones that affect fertility and ovulation (such as FSH) [10].

Levels of myo-inositol are especially high in the brain. In fact, the brain can make large amounts of myo-inositol from the products of glucose breakdown. Myo-inositol levels in brain cells are a measure of the “energy charge” of cells. Scientists believe that the more inositol brain cells have, the better they’re protected and the greater the overall energy in the brain [12].

Myo-inositol levels in the body also increase following from any kind of brain damage, as a way to compensate for injury and heal. This increase in brain myo-inositol is also linked to scar tissue in the brain and cognitive problems [13, 14].

Having balanced levels of myo-inositol in the body may be key as low levels are linked to infertility, anxiety, and metabolic and hormonal problems.

Solid evidence (40 clinical studies) support the benefits of myo-inositol for PCOS [15]

According to a review of studies with over 800 women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVS), myo-inositol improves fertility by lowering male sex hormones in both women with and without PCOS. But it could also improve ovulation in women with PCOS [16].

Myo-inositol also reduces insulin resistance and increases estrogen levels, according to a review of studies on over 500 women with PCOS [17].

In one clinical trial of 50 women with PCOS, myo-inositol reduced testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), and insulin levels after 3 months. After 6 months, it also reduced acne and unwanted, male-like, hair growth [19].

A dose of 4 g/day of myo-inositol was used in most studies to increase fertility and reduce PCOS symptoms over a 1-6 month period [18, 20, 21, 19].

Myo-inositol is crucial during pregnancy for prenatal growth. The fact that newborns have higher concentrations of it than in adults speaks to its importance for healthy development, especially in preterm babies [79, 80].

Inositol levels start to decline within the first 3 weeks after birth in babies who are not breastfed. In one study of 65 babies, babies who were breastfed had higher myo-inositol levels. Levels decreased in babies who were fed with a formula [80].

Myo-inositol plays an important role in thyroid function and autoimmunity. Clinical studies have shown that after treatment with Myo-inositol together with selenium, TSH levels significantly declined in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism due to autoimmune thyroiditis. Results also showed a clinical decline of anti-thyroid auto antibodies. TSH values of hypERthyroid patients increased from 0.14 μU/ml up to 1.02 μU/ml, showing a complete restoration of TSH values to a normal range. In conclusion, the administration of Myo inositol and Selenium is significantly effective in decreasing TSH, TPOAb, and TgAb levels, as well as enhancing thyroid hormones and personal wellbeing, therefore restoring euthyroidism in patients diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis. [15]

Myo-inositol mimics the effects of insulin. Studies suggest it enhances insulin sensitivity. Based on the studies so far, it seems better suited for overweight women [22].

Myo-inositol reduced diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes mellitus) by 50% in 4 trials. The effect was the strongest in overweight pregnant women, who are at highest risk [22, 23].

Scientists believe that myo-inositol’s insulin-sensitizing effects might help prevent or reduce metabolic syndrome, especially in women. Though early studies show promise, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of myo-inositol for metabolic syndrome.

Myo-inositol over 1 year improved metabolic syndrome in a clinical trial of 80 postmenopausal women. It improved insulin resistance, reduced blood glucose, insulin, triglycerides, total cholesterol, and raised HDL (the “good” cholesterol) [63].

To summarize Myo – Inositol

  • Essential nutrient
  • Helps with diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Increases fertility and reduces PCOS symptoms in women
  • Supports fetal development
  • Protects the brain and nerves
  • Supports the balance and regulation of thyroid hormones and antibodies

Ingredients:Myo-Inositol (100%)

How to use: As a dietary supplement start with 1/2 – 1 level teaspoon. 1 tsp = Approximately 4g

Side Effects: Some people can experience initial digestive discomfort such as bloating and gas which will pass with regular use. If this is the case, start with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon and wait for symptoms to alleviate before upping to 1 teaspoon.