Premier Research Labs Liquid Zinc Ultra 235ml

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Premier Research Labs Liquid Zinc Ultra 235ml

Product Description

Zinc is an essential micro-nutrient for metabolism, helping catalyze over 100 different enzymes in the body.

This micro-nutrient is required for normal growth, wound healing, taste, and smell, and also has powerful antioxidant properties. Zinc is critical in supporting healthy metabolic function and the maintenance of normal cell cycles.

In supporting healthy cell cycles, zinc is essential for cell proliferation, differentiation, and regulation of DNA synthesis. Zinc homeostasis in cells is crucial for healthy cellular functioning. Although this critical micro-nutrient can be obtained through a well-balanced, healthy diet, zinc deficiencies can occur. Some negative side effects of zinc deficiency include growth retardation, decreased immunity and impaired appetite or food aversions in particular to protein sources.

Zinc deficiency induced anorexia, poor appetite or impaired food intake is a well researched phenomenon and children who display picky eating behaviors with no desire for zinc rich protein food sources may benefit greatly from a period of focused zinc supplementation. Zinc has an incredible impact on our sense of smell and taste which can relate back to picky or or fussy eating patterns. There is a significant flow on effect for children here with regards to mood and behavior disturbances given zinc is again critical for optimal neurological health.

Pyroluria/ Pyrolles or KPU manifests as a deficiency in B6 and Zinc namely which need ongoing long term management. Kids who have been labeled with ADHD may actually be missing enough of these nutrients. An inability to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, depression and short term memory issues are all symptoms of Pyrolles and it is worth having this tested as kids labelled with ADHD may often simply have Pyroluria.

Where Pyrolles are at play, detoxification pathways are also hindered and heavy metal bio accumulation are a typical result. The simple addition of Zinc, B6 and Magnesium can often yield incredible, life altering results.

Food High in Zinc: Oyster, beef, chicken, pepita seeds.

It is always important to take a food first approach and maximize nutritional density wherever possible. However, for children with picky eating behaviors it is unlikely that they will take our OysterMax capsules unless very well disguised. This is where liquid zinc may be a preferred path until levels are restored and symptoms/ behaviors resolve.

The type of zinc in supplements can influence the impact on the body. Many zinc supplements on the market are formulated with zinc oxide or zinc carbonate, which are poorly absorbed and nearly insoluble. In contrast, this is made with zinc sulfate heptahydrate, a hydrated form of zinc sulfate, that is water soluble and bioavailable.

There are zero artificial flavours or preservatives in this product, only purified water unlike most liquid zinc supplements on the market. One teaspoon will provide 25mg of highly absorbed zinc.

***Please keep in mind that ongoing, long term synthetic zinc supplementation is not recommended for neither adult or child as it can lead to other problematic mineral imbalances, namely Copper.

The great thing about Liquid Zinc Ultra is that we have immediate feedback by way of taste as to how replete our zinc levels are. A strong taste (I think like metallic marzipan) on immediate consumption indicates strong zinc levels. An inability to discern any flavour or delay in taste perception indicates weak or insufficient zinc levels. As soon as that strong taste feedback appears – stop use. You can test your levels in this way every couple of months.

The upper limit for daily adult intake is 40mg of Zinc. For children see below, using an eye dropper (not supplied) is best –

All Sex
1–3 yr 3 mg/day
4–8 yr 4 mg/day

9–13 yr 6 mg/day
14–18 yr 13 mg/day

9–13 yr 6 mg/day
14–18 yr 7 mg/day

100 drops is equivalent to 1 teaspoon which is equivalent to 25mg of zinc. 50 drops will be 12.5mg. 25 drops will be roughly 6mg. 12.5 drops will be 3mg

Suggested Use: Hold 1 teaspoon in the mouth for 15 seconds. If an immediate taste perception occurs, the individual may have an adequate zinc status. A lack of taste or delay in taste perception may indicate a zinc deficiency. Liquid Zinc Ultra is not harmful and may be swallowed after testing. An adult with deficiency may take 2tsp daily until strong taste perception occurs.

Keep the bottle in the fridge once opened and it will last you years.