Mighty Minerals by Organic Olivia

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Mighty Minerals by Organic Olivia

Product Description

A plant based multi-mineral and nutrient formula for picky eaters and anyone who needs an extra boost.

This great-tasting blend is a bioavailable, herbal source of easily assimilated minerals, formulated to help build and nourish healthy tissues. Mighty Minerals provides children with trace minerals (and also a few key vitamins) thanks to calcium and magnesium-rich leaves and plants such as nettle, alfalfa and oatstraw. A healthy intake of minerals and nutritive plants supports general immune function, energy, vitality, and overall health.

Think of this formula as “veggies in a bottle” — just don’t tell your littles that 😉. That’s why we named it Mighty Minerals, which makes taking your herbs a little more fun! This product is designed for children 1 year of age and older, however it’s always best to incorporate herbal/food supplements when a child is already eating solid foods rather than exclusively breastfeeding.

Either daily or occasional use is fine as this is a nutritive supplement. A chronically picky eater who doesn’t get enough produce may be better off with daily support. A child or adult with “low mojo” can also do daily. Otherwise, you can add to your child’s drinks and smoothies on an “as-needed basis” during occasional times when diet is poor or stress is high for an extra boost.

The Super Herbs Used in This Blend Include:

  1. Acerola Cherry – Rich in Vitamin C and bioflavinoid antioxidants for cellular health and vitality.
  2. Horsetail – Rich in silica for strong nails, hair and skin. Silica is also a powerful aluminum chelator for the body.
  3. Nettle Leaf – Rich in calcium, iron & magnesium.
  4. Alfalfa – Multi-mineral and a good source of Vitamin K1.
  5. Oatstraw – Rich in magnesium & iron. A good all-round nutritive herb.
  6. Rosehips – Abundant in bioflavonoids and supports Vitamin C absorption.
  7. Red Clover – Rich in calcium & potassium whilst providing gentle liver support.
  8. Yellow Dock Root – Supports iron absorption.

DOSAGE BY WEIGHT: *NOTE: This is the only formula from our kid’s line where a higher dose is both indicated and helpful (because this formula is purely nutritive and consumed for its mineral content). Think of this formula as liquid veggies.

For children:
4kg-13kg, use 5-10 drops per serving.
For 14kg-27kg, use 10-20 drops per serving.
For 28kg-45kg+, use 20-30 drops per serving.

Adults can use 1-4 full droppers per serving.

Take 1-3 servings per day or as directed by your health care practitioner. Can be taken in juice, water, or directly in the mouth.

NOT DESIGNED FOR: Children under 1 year of age.
TASTE AND APPEARANCE: Sweet, mild, herb-y. Kids seem to absolutely love the taste and look forward to their minerals!

*Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles of plant matter) due to the preparation method involving whole herb extraction.