Children’s Constipation Bundle

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Bioray Kids Pooper 60ml

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Aussie Trace Minerals Electrolytes - 240ml

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Children’s Constipation Bundle

Product Description

To quote one parent who messaged us –  “These products have been life changing for our whole family. Our 4 year old has suffered from an impacted bowel with repeat hospital extractions needed. The stress this placed on our family was immense. The addition of mineral and pooper has changed everything for the better and we haven’t had a hospital visit since.”

So very simple but so very powerful.

Constipation in children (and adults) is often the result of mineral dysregulation, specifically potassium, magnesium and sodium.

The Colon is a muscle…and muscles MUST have minerals to work, especially the three mentioned above.

When the Colon gets stuck with irregular bowel movements it is usually from a lack of of these critical minerals because they are essential for proper function of smooth muscle based to contract properly AND for sphincters to work properly.

Aussie Trace Minerals can easily be added to a child’s water bottle to drink through the day. Add just to the point of barley noticeable in taste. Unlike other mineral brands, Aussie’s is very neutral in flavor, tasting of sodium and nothing more.

The BioRay Pooper is an expertly crafted combination of herbs designed to both soften the stool for easier passing, support smooth muscle relaxation and contraction for more regular motions and support detoxification of the digestive system as a whole.

Use Pooper to establish regular bowel motions whilst the minerals should be used as part of daily ongoing wellness routines.