Bioray Kids NDF Calm 60ml

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Bioray Kids NDF Calm 60ml

Product Description

Grumpy, can’t sleep, moody, anxious….. parents may notice improved moods, emotional balance, restful sleep and better stress resiliency.

NDF Calm helps your child by supporting their liver and improve adrenal function by binding to and removing toxins from their system. Our proprietary micronization process of chlorella yields NDF® (Natural Detox Factors) which binds to toxins including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, BPA, and dioxin, safely and naturally removing them from the body.


  • Supports healthy moods*
  • Restores emotional balance*
  • Restful sleep*
  • Helps kids deal with stress*


  • Supports detox pathways in the liver*
  • Antioxidant for the liver*
  • Replenishes adrenal reserves*
  • Has naturally occurring trace minerals, vitamins, and chlorella growth factor *
  • Safely removes heavy metals and chemicals*


Ingredients: Proprietary Blend+: Agaricus Blazei Mycelia◊, Reishi Mushroom◊, Micronized Chlorella (NDF®), Red Root♥, Milk Thistle Seed◊, Olive Leaf◊, Coriolus Mycelia◊, Aromatic Solomon’s Seal Root, Eleuthero Root◊, Polygonatum Root, Licorice Root◊, Maitake Mushroom◊, Schizandra Berry◊, and Stevia Leaf.
+(DV) Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, and Natural Vanilla Flavor.
◊ = Organic Ingredient ♥ = Wild Crafted Herb

Primary Ingredient Glossary:
Agaricus Blazei is known to be one of the richest source in the world of a type of polysaccharide known as beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are a food for the liver, increasing liver cell production in studies.

Reishi is an immune modulator, contains Ganoderic acids that help improve oxygen utilization and liver functions. Ganoderic acids are also potent antioxidant free-radical scavengers.*

Maitake is an adaptogen and immunity tonic for the body, supporting and protecting the liver.*

Coriolus is a potent immune modulator with added benefits that include liver and energy support.*

Regarding the Inclusion of Natural Flavor: While the natural flavors used in BIORAY Daily and BIORAY Kids formulas are proprietary, they contain a blend of botanical raw materials, natural juice concentrate and/or natural essential oils. Kids flavors do not contain MSG, glutamates, corn or mold based citric acid.  The citric acid is processed through the microbial fermentation of a plant carbohydrate, cassava. It contains no artificial or synthetic residue and comprises less than 3% of the final product.

Usage Instructions: Shake well. Simply mix into water or your child’s favorite drink. 1 ml per 20kg of body weight, 1-2 times per day

Intended for kids 12 months or older. Consult with your child’s health practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement.