Bioray Kids Focus 60ml

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Bioray Kids Focus 60ml

Product Description

Binds to and removes toxins and has additional ingredients that sharpen the mind and promote steady, focused energy.


  • Supports cognitive function*
  • Enhances clarity*
  • Promotes steady energy levels*
  • Improved ability to handle stress*
  • Decreases seasonal histamine issues such as a runny nose, watery eyes and itchiness*


  • Reduces environmental sensitivities*
  • Replenishes adrenal reserves*
  • Has naturally occurring trace minerals, vitamins, and chlorella growth factor*
  • Safely removes heavy metals, chlorine and chemicals from the body


The Focus blend is also proven effective in sequestering chlorine from water and in removing toxic heavy metals and chemicals from inside the body. When Focus is added to chlorinated water, chlorine can no longer be detected using a conventional ‘free chlorine’ specific dipstick. The NDF within Focus are effective in the removal of organochlorines (chlorine) toxicities. The method of action in NDF is achieved through their ion exchange resin activity, micronized chlorella cell wall constituents that bind to chemicals.

Parents can give Focus to their child before and after swimming, soaking in the hot tub, or taking a bath tub to avoid irritations from chlorine exposure.

Chlorine vs. NDF Test:

Adding NDF to Chlorine Granules bound to 100% of chlorine making it inert with no measurable amount of chlorine in the water in under 10 minutes.

  1. 125 grams of chlorine in ½ Liter of Reverse Osmosis water = 10 ppm chlorine was measured.
  2. After adding 3 ml of NDF® = 1 ppm chlorine
  3. After adding 3.5 ml of NDF® = <0.5 ppm chlorine


A half-liter of reverse osmosis water with 125 grams of the same chlorine pool/spa granules was allowed to sit for the same amount of time (9:49 minutes) as the tests above; then measured for free chlorine. The control water contained the same amount, 10 ppm of chlorine showing that it did not evaporate. NDF® had a measurable and positive effect decreasing free chlorine.

Keep the swimming in. Take the toxins out!

Some of the star ingredients include –

Solomon Seal is restorative to mental vitality, it is often used as a tonic to nourish the brain and support the mind.

Eleuthero Root is an adaptogenic herb, Eleuthero helps to increase physical and mental endurance and helps to improve memory. Eleuthero helps to build blood and improves the ability of the body to absorb and efficiently use oxygen. Helps with stress and fatigue.

Schizandra Berry is a major adaptogenic herb that helps with relaxation and staying alert. Schizandra supports the nervous system and is beneficial for concentration and memory.

Our proprietary microniztion process of chlorella yields NDF® (Natural Detox Factors) which binds to toxins including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, BPA, and dioxin, safely and naturally removing them from the body.

Ingredients – Solomon Seal Root, Eleuthero Root◊, Reishi Mushroom◊, Polygonatum Root, Chinese Licorice Root◊, Schizandra Berry◊, Micronized Chlorella (NDF®), Cilantro◊, CytoFlora®, Predigested Agaricus Blazei◊, Cordyceps◊, Milk Thistle Seeds, Horsetail◊ and Stevia Leaf.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, and Natural Citrus Flavor.
◊ = Organic Ingredient

Bioray’s Kids flavours contain a blend of botanical raw materials, natural juice concentrate and/or natural essential oils. They do not contain MSG, glutamates, corn or mold based citric acid.  The citric acid is processed through the microbial fermentation of a plant carbohydrate, cassava. It contains no artificial or synthetic residue.

Intake Instructions: Shake well. Simply mix into water or your child’s favorite drink. 1 ml per 50 lbs of body weight, 1-2 times per day Intended for kids 12 months or older. Consult with your child’s health practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement.