All About doTerra’s Beautiful Blend

June 7, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

The Beautiful Blend.

The oils that make up this blend are Osmanthus, Frankincense, Bergamot + Lime. It is a gorgeously uplifting and happy blend with an air of sophistication.

Using Beautiful as your pure-fume is a total no brainer particularly during Winter when the days are dark and you’re craving a little sunshine. Let Beautiful be your sunshine and you will be rewarded with smiles and radiate warmth to every passerby.

{ Remember that this blend contains photosensitive citrus oils so use with caution and underneath clothes during summer or when out in direct sunlight }

Alleviating anxious thoughts and lifting the weight off your shoulders is what this blend does best. We know that Bergamot and Frankincense are fantastic anxiolytics that soothe, calm and ground. There is a wealth of research into their ability to inhibit the stress response and slow down that breathing, heart rate and cortisol rush. Osmanthus has similar research backing up her profound ability to support one through anxious feelings.

Bergamot and Lime on an emotional level are all about empowering the individual, giving them great courage whilst dissolving away apathy to make way for resolve, grit and determination. They are both fantastic for those times when your self-confidence is taking a beating and you really need to back yourself.

When it comes to the physical attributes of Beautiful, immediately what springs to mind are the digestive and respiratory systems.

The unique combination of oils are perfectly suited to –
1. Calming a distressed digestive system.
2. Soothing and clearing a congested and irritated respiratory system.

Apply topically over the chest to break up and clear out mucus, soothe a cough and calm irritated airways.
Apply topically over the tummy or abdomen to ease bloating, cramping and upset tummies in general.

A couple of other interesting facts about Osmanthus…..

Osmanthus is very protective for the most important organs in our body. Our heart and liver in particular are sensitive to fatty deposits which then lead to Fatty Liver Disease and Cardiovascular issues. Osmanthus safeguards our organs against fatty deposits whilst also supporting the clearing of toxins.

Osmanthus inhibits the appetite by suppressing the hormones that are responsible for hunger. This may make the Beautiful Blend particularly supportive for those focused on weight loss or weight control.

Lastly, Osmanthus is found in both Balance and Deep/ Ice Blue for her ability to promote circulation to muscle and connective tissue whilst supporting inflammatory pathways throughout the whole body. If you don’t happen to have Ice Blue on hand but you do conveniently have Beautiful, give it a crack as an alternate form of inflammation support.

She’s a goodie and I just know that you will fall in love with this blend so be sure to grab her whilst you can.

x Bec

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