The Natural Edge Fulvic Acid – 300ml Bottle

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The Natural Edge Fulvic Acid – 300ml Bottle

Product Description

Fulvic Acid has become a highly sought after food based dietary supplement the past year.

Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid, and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential.

Fulvic acid has been discovered to be one of the most important natural miracles related to life itself. Fulvic acid is part of the humic structure in rich composting soil. It is an acid created in extremely small amounts by the action of millions of beneficial microbes, working on decaying plant matter in a soil environment with adequate oxygen. It is of low molecular weight and is biologically very active. Because of its low molecular weight, it has the necessity and ability to readily bond minerals and elements into its molecular structure causing them to dissolve and become mobilized fulvic complexes.

Fulvic acid from humic deposits usually carries 60 or more minerals and trace elements dissolved into its molecular complexes. These are then in ideal natural form to be absorbed and interact with living cells. Plants roots and cells readily absorb high amounts of fulvic acid, and maintain it in their structure. In fact, it has been discovered that these fulvic acid complexes are absolutely essential for plants to be healthy and it can therefore be used as a fantastic plant food!

Fulvic acid is then a naturally occurring organic substance that comes entirely from microbial action on decomposing plants, plants themselves, or ancient deposits of plant origin.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid
– Increased energy levels due to improved absorption of important nutrients.
– Excellent blood builder and tonic.
– Supports reduced toxic load in the body.
– Magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures.
– Is a powerful all natural electrolyte.
– Restores electro-chemical balance in cells.
– Helps rebuild the immune system.
– Helps restore gut health and replenishes the gut with naturally-occurring Soil Based Organisms, which have been shown to support overall immune health.
– Supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Why Choose The Natural Edge Fulvic Acid?

The Natural Edge Fulvic is an Aussie owned and operated company for a start which is always a wonderful thing to support.

They source their fulvic from oxidised lignite which is a soft brown coal which hides under pristine peat bogs in Canada.
They independently test their raw ingredient and finished products rigorously at all stages of production both in Canada and Australia for toxicity, microbial contamination, heavy metal contamination + quality and quantity of fulvic acid per serve.

I love the transparency of this company, they’ve answered all my questions, provided all test results on request and in short have put any questions of quality to bed unlike other leading overseas brands that have failed to even respond to simple queries.

I also really like that they do not use base-acid extraction to separate their fulvic acid from the raw materials. Base Acid extraction is a chemical based extraction or separation process that is not clean or very natural.

The gold standard for testing fulvic acid quality is what’s called the Lamar Method. If a company cannot provide a Lamar Test for comparison, it’s an inferior product quite simply.

A Lamar Test proves the purity of the product and the content percentage of fulvic / humic per serve.

When compared to another leading international brand……..
– Natural Edge contained 5 times more fulvic acid per serve.
– Significantly more Humic Acid.
– Less sodium/ salts per serve.
– Extremely low levels of monovalent and divalent heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.
– Completely natural, non artificially manipulated safe pH unlike other companies.
– Far more cost effective than other leading international brands with more fulvic per serve for less money.

Recommended Usage:
Consume 10ml per day (maximum 20ml daily limit) preferably taken in the morning to provide a wonderful energy boost.

Fulvic Acid can be taken undiluted or mixed with filtered water, in your favorite smoothie combination or in juice. Some even enjoy adding it to their coffee as a way of biohacking their cup of joe.

** Whilst fulvic acid is a completely natural, plant based food substance, given its ability to chelate heavy metals, it isn’t advised to use for children or pregnant/ lactating women without professional guidance from your practitioner.