Cell Squared Organic Grass fed Beef Liver Powder 180g

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Cell Squared Organic Grass fed Beef Liver Powder 180g

Product Description

** Out of stock with supplier. No known ETA. Cell Squared have experienced some packaging issues that are still being resolved.

The same high quality Aussie sourced beef liver in straight powder form for easy pimping up of meals.

Beef liver is a brilliant whole food source of iron making this a valuable supplement for those needing to support low iron. B Vitamins, folate and high levels of Vitamin A make Beef Liver fantastic for boosting energy levels, supporting a robust immune system and nourishing pregnant and breastfeeding women with the nutrients needed for healthy babies.

This a 100% Australian sourced and Australian made product, Cell Squared have selected the finest beef livers that are:

  • 100% Australian sourced
  • 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished (No grains ever)
  • 100% Hormone free
  • 100% Antibiotic free
  • GMO free
  • Humanely & Sustainably grown

Straight from the source, the livers are simply freeze dried to retain nutrient value and then milled and encapsulated for easy consumption. No fillers, no flowing agents, no colours, no preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Australian beef liver.