SerraEnzyme Maximum Strength – 90 Capsules


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SerraEnzyme Maximum Strength – 90 Capsules

Product Description

Serrapeptase is derived from the same bacteria that the Japanese silkworm uses to dissolve its cocoon. Sounds super gross I know but it does have some incredible properties.

Serrapeptase has been used throughout the past 30 years to help support a wide variety of health conditions and is now used by medical professionals the world over for it’s brilliant inflammation and immune system modulating benefits.

When taken on an empty stomach, proteolytic enzymes circulate in the system for up to 12 hours, assisting in guarding against infection, speeding up recovery times post surgery, improves tissue healing, prevents scar tissue formation and adhesions, removes excess fibrin build-up in your organs and blood, dissolves unwanted proteins, biofilm and mucous in the respiratory system.

Research also shows serrapeptase has the ability to dissolve and digest non-living tissue – scars, fibrous cysts in the breasts and uterus, and blood clots. As a naturally occurring enzyme, Serrapeptase works to dissolve inflammation within the fallopian tubes for example. The inflammatory (dead, or non-living) tissue is then safely and naturally eliminated by the body, leaving the living tissue safely intact. By effectively clearing the blocked scar tissue and inflammation, the body is then naturally capable of healing and repairing itself.

Studies out of Singapore and Japan reveal that 85.7% of female participants with fibrocystic breast disease experiencing breast engorgement (swelling), pain and firmness, showed moderate to marked improvement after undergoing serrapeptase therapy versus those receiving a placebo.

Extensive research has been conducted on the ability of serrapeptase to reduce chronic inflammation and support a healthy immune response within the body to reduce inflammation and swelling. Serrapeptase does this by digesting the biofilm (fluid bubble) at the site of injury or around inflamed or damaged tissues, thins the fluid within the biofilm, and increases drainage of these fluids.

The delayed release enteric coating on SerraEnzyme is phthalate free and is necessary so that the serrapeptase survive the low pH of stomach acid, make it to the small intestine and ultimately the bloodstream.

Take systemic enzymes around your schedule on an empty stomach. That could be just once a day in the morning immediately upon waking with plenty of filtered water. Most people start with one capsule and gradually increase until results are seen or felt.

The entire capsule must be swallowed. It can’t be broken into a smoothie. It must be taken on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before a meal or a few hours after a meal.

** Talk to your healthcare provider about taking serrapeptase if you are taking any medications, especially any form of anticoagulant medication because serrapeptase is a blood-thinning agent, or if you are undergoing a medical procedure.