Aussie Trace Bundle

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  • Aussie Trace Minerals Electrolytes - 240ml

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  • Aussie Trace Minerals Magnesium Spray - 120ml

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Aussie Trace Bundle

Product Description

Trace minerals work as a team, plain and simple. Ionic Magnesium alone is not going to bring harmony to our cells without the presence of the other 70+ minerals and of course sodium/ salt.

This Aussie Trace Minerals Bundle is perfect for the whole family.

Children aged five and over can happily incorporate the mineral electrolytes into their day and apply the mineral spray in the AM and PM to support cellular function, energy production during the day and restoration in the evening.

Variety and consistent daily dosing is key to magnesium providing optimal benefits in the body over a once off dose.

Directions for Use: Adults can add 5 to 20 drops to 1L of water or juice, smoothies or Adrenal Cocktails once or twice daily. Children over the age of five can use 5-10 drops once a day.

Can Also Be Used for –
Great way to remineralize reverse osmosis and distilled water.
Increase intake during times of physical exertion and recovery.
Use in cooking as a low sodium alternative.
Add to smoothies & green drinks to increase absorption of other nutrients.
Great addition to preparing fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.