Gluco Bitters by Organic Olivia 59ml

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Gluco Bitters by Organic Olivia 59ml

Product Description

GlucoBitters is an herbal, “metabolic vinegar” tincture infused with over 500mg of botanicals that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the normal, healthy range.

Each herb in this blend helps lessen occasional cravings and supports insulin sensitivity, helping you become less resistant to reaching your weight management goals.

The combination of organic apple cider vinegar and powerful blood sugar botanicals provides complementary benefits not experienced with either herbs or vinegar alone. Thus, this 2-for-1 tool helps “train” your body to be more stable and adaptable when indulging in occasional heavy meals, sweets and desserts.

Vinegar’s mechanism of action is two-fold: 1. The acetic acid in vinegar helps temporarily blunt the effect of the enzyme that turns complex food → to simple glucose when carbohydrate-rich foods come into contact with our saliva. Thus, sugars and starches are converted to glucose at a slower rate.* 2. That same acetic acid found in vinegar also has an effect on our muscle tissue, helping our muscles uptake and utilize that food-turned-to-glucose as fuel.

Benefits & Uses

  • Supports healthy, normal insulin sensitivity*
  • Maintains healthy glucose levels already in the normal, healthy range*
  • Metabolic support for PCOS*
  • Supports normal testosterone levels*
  • Aids healthy weight management when combined with sensible diet and exercise*
  • Assists with occasional sugar and carbohydrate cravings*
  • Helps maintain stable mood + energy levels *
  • Supports the conversation of carbohydrates to be used for energy*

Star herbs like Gymnema and Bitter Melon help you to utilize carbohydrates for fuel metabolically, helping support more sustained energy levels as well as healthy balance within hormones such as insulin and testosterone.

As “the sweet tooth slayer,” Gymnema works overtime to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Key for pancreatic health and healthy weight management, this herb supports the body in metabolizing glucose and maintaining normal insulin production.*

Many of us can relate to having an unrelenting sweet tooth and cravings that are hard to curb. And while no magic pill will automatically dispel your need for sweets, Gymnema is an herb that is incredibly supportive in getting you off the “glucose rollercoaster” and on the road to improving metabolic health.

In fact, the Sanskrit name for Gymnema translates to “sugar destroyer” due to this herb’s ability to change the way your body senses and tastes glucose – making sweet foods less appealing on a brain and taste bud level.

Cinnamon’s most notable benefits include supporting carbohydrate breakdown, assisting glucose metabolism, curbing the glycemic response to carbohydrates, and maintaining healthy pancreatic function. Cinnamon, when steeped as a tea, contains mucilage (a viscous or gelatinous substance), which makes it useful for digestive functions as well—particularly for soothing the GI tract.

There are very few herbs that work as effectively as Bitter Melon does when it comes to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Bitter Melon has two-fold actions that work to both support endogenous insulin production and healthy uptake of glucose in the muscles and liver. Bitter Melon contains two phytonutrients called polypeptide-P and charantin, which aid healthy insulin on a cellular level and encourage the body’s normal uptake of glucose in the liver, muscles, and adipose tissue.

This formula is for anyone who wants to avoid the ‘glucose rollercoaster’ of sugar and carb cravings, energy or mood dips, feeling “hangry,” and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

Usage: Simply take 1-2 full droppers in a glass of water before meals or treats.

**Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

** If you are Type 1 Diabetic please consult with your doctor before using and monitor your levels closely.