Cell Squared Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules – 160 Capsules

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Cell Squared Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules – 160 Capsules

Product Description

Please note that Cell Squared are experiencing manufacturing delays on this product. They are expecting an ETA of 6th of July. Thanks for your patience.

Introducing the ‘ultimate natural iron supplement’, a unique formulation of organic beef liver & spleen, with a whopping 60% of the RDI of easily absorbed Heme Iron (7.7mg) per serve.  

Although liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, beef spleen is five times richer in bioavailable Heme Iron. Combining iron-rich spleen with liver provides the added benefit of synergistic nutrients such as Folate, Copper, Vitamin A, B12, & B2 to assist with iron’s absorption.  Beef Liver & Spleen, two of the most naturally abundant sources of highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) Heme Iron to assist in restoring low Iron to a healthy level.

Based on the concept of “like supports like,” consuming spleen may strengthen and support our own spleen.

This natural whole food provides proteins exclusively expressed in spleen tissue as well as –

  • Unique Peptides Such as Tuftsin & Splenopentin To Support Immune Health
  • Spleen Extracts & Splenin Further Support & Modulate The Immune System
  • Immunologically Active Proteins Shown To Stimulate Macrophages & Enhance Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity
  • Spleen and Bone Marrow also contain high levels of a class of lipids important in cell membranes known as alkylglycerols (AKGs for short)

Pair with Rosita Cod Liver Oil for maximum results or use alone.

Gently freeze-dried, producing easily absorbed Heme Iron nutritional values of 7.7mg (60% RDI) per 6 capsule serve.

6 capsules = Up to 18g raw beef liver & spleenor up to 34g cooked beef liver & spleen.

Take with water or break open the capsules and sprinkle the powder into meals.