Superfeast I Am Gaia

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Superfeast I Am Gaia

Product Description

Superfeast are master crafters and here they have combined their favourite herbs for female health and healing.

I Am Gaia is a longevity formula, designed to rejuvenate a woman’s body by empowering her innate vital nature and has been carefully crafted to offer general support to all the major and minor organ systems of a woman’s body. Designed to nourish the female Yin essence and balance hormones whilst toning the uterus and encouraging cleansing of the reproductive tissue.

GAIA may support brain circulation, cognitive health, memory, mood, nervous system health and your ability to adapt to stress whilst also building and moving the blood via the liver, spleen and kidneys, regulating hormones, menstruation, fertility, increasing lubrication and maintaining an open, expressive heart.

This blend is wonderful for building up red blood cells and increasing blood volume, with the overall ability to bring harmony to the blood, its elements and its movement. The specific actions of white peony act to cleanse the blood, while its cooling effects regulate the liver function, ensuring blood flow is nice and strong – what a beautiful overall blood health tonic.

Being such a great blood tonic, I Am Gaia is perfect to support the building back of blood after a woman’s monthly bleed. If bleeding is particularly heavy, have a break from I Am Gaia during that time and start up again once you have finished for the month.

We love the properties of, in particular, asparagus root to provide a moistening and tonifying effect on the Lungs – this increases the ability of the Lungs to extract Qi energy from the air we breath. Schizandra and goji further support this tonification that leads to strong Qi being transformed via the breath, along with more vibrant skin.

Poria mushroom is said to improve the flow of water through the body (great for those who struggle with retaining water). And via its actions on the Spleen, poria regulates energy production and waste elimination. Here, the transformation of ingested food is converted to Qi energy and used to build, regulate, animate and fuel the body.

* This blend includes blood invigorating herbs, so best to lower your dose, or cease taking if you are experiencing a heavy menstrual bleed. This blend is warming, so would not be appropriate for this with a super hot menopause experience.

Start with ¼ – ½ tsp daily.
Stir into hot water or your favourite plant based milk for an instant tonic tea.
Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.