doTerra’s Supplements Simplified

November 19, 2019

By Rebecca Carden

Supplements Simplified.
The most asked question I encounter is ‘how do I know what supplements to take and when?’
doTerra have an array of amazing supplements to support our well being but do you really need all of them?
How much is too much and how do you figure out what to take?
So many of you are overwhelmed so I’m really hoping that by breaking this information down for you into supplement bundles will make choosing supplements easier for everyone out there.
doTerra’s supplements are unique in that they contain essential oils to amplify and support the desired outcome of particular supplements.
For example, in the Omega xEO we have Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile which have an intended purpose of supporting cardiovascular health, healthy arteries and a healthy inflammatory response.
For those who are unsure about ingesting essential oils, this is such a gentle introduction to the benefits of using essential oils internally and I think it makes people feel much more at ease with the idea. doTerra’s recommended daily usage guidelines state that for an adult we can tolerate 24 drops of essential oil internally (ingested) over a 24 hour period.
I agree with this wholeheartedly though there are some oils that have a faster metabolic processing time than others which I think needs to be kept in mind eg, citrus and mints metabolise very quickly and so our body can receive them more frequently VS our thicker sesquiterpene rich oils such as Ginger, Sandalwood and Frankincense, that linger in our body for much longer. As such we need to allow more time in between doses.
We also need to keep in mind that some oils such as oregano aren’t intended for daily use eg, the On Guard + Softgels are not intended for long term daily use guys.
1 drop of essential oil = 60mg
All you need to do is look at the weight/ amount of oil in your supplement to determine how many drops that is.
In our daily (full) dose of Lifelong Vitality, we have 180mg or 3 drops of essential oil.
Let’s say that we take the recommended dose of LLV + Terrazyme daily, we only arrive at 10.5 drops of essential oil giving us plenty of capacity to add in our favourite citrus oils to flavour our water or experiment with other supplements that may include essential oils.
There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to supplements and essential oils. We have different constitutions to take into consideration and different conditions of health. It comes down to knowing your body and listening to how it is receiving what you are giving it.
What can be fantastic is arranging with your GP to do a full health blood panel before beginning supplements so that you have a baseline to work with. You can then choose to have quarterly or six monthly blood tests done to provide updates and allow you to see what biomarkers are changing and how.
It’s definitely my preference and from my own blood screening I can tell you that my liver enzymes are in tip top shape, my glutathione levels are excellent for my age as are my triglycerides and the other usual suspects.
What I’ve laid out in these graphics are the best supplements for a variety of different needs but it’s up to you to determine what is working for you and what isn’t.
I do want to make clear that you don’t need to be taking ALL the supplements ALL the time unless they are foundational products such as LLV and Terrazyme which I really feel everyone no matter their health condition can receive SO much benefit from. That’s why they are my daily non-negotiables.

Is there a difference between making your own oil based supplements vs using the ready-made?

Only from a convenience and accuracy of dose perspective really. doTerra’s supplements travel well vs our own veggie caps degrade quickly unless they are pre-made and kept in the freezer. If dexterity and fine motor skills aren’t your forté than the ready-made options will be for you.

Please be sure to always include a carrier oil such as olive oil in your DIY veggie caps for maximum bio-availability and ease of absorption.

When to take your supplements again really comes down to personal choice but here’s my take –

Our body undergoes it’s most intensive repair, restoration and cleanse overnight as we sleep. It makes sense that the supplements we take at night support these processes.

Think PB Assist, Turmeric, Zendocrine, Yarrow|Pom, DDR Prime, Copaiba and Terrazyme if rogue proteins and leaky gut are an issue.

Supplements that are energizing or contain B vitamins are best taken in the AM with food and in the PM with lunch to avoid bouncing off the walls in the evening. The Mito2Max and Microplex VMz are two that are best kept away from the evenings ok.

I really hope this is helpful for everyone out there but if you’ve got any Q’s for me, pop them below for me 😊

x Bec

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