Fulvic Humic Bath Soak by The Natural Edge 150g Powder

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Fulvic Humic Bath Soak by The Natural Edge 150g Powder

Product Description

The awesome team at Natural Edge Fulvic have created a concentrated fulvic humic powder to utilise the power of these natural multi minerals in a soak form.

Fulvic Acid is an electrolyte and electrolytes enhance the availability of nutrients to make them more readily absorbable. This unique property restores each individual cell to a normal chemical balance. Electrolytes allow our skin cells to function at a higher level and effectively repair cell damage.

Fulvic Humic acid is a combination of powerful antioxidants, 70+ chelated minerals and electrolytes which have demonstrated the ability to remove heavy metals, pollutants and toxins from cells, destroy harmful free-radicals, increase nutrient absorption & help to restore chemical balance in the body.

A fulvic bath soak can be incredibly useful post strenuous activity to aid in the removal of lactic acid form muscle tissue, replenish lost minerals and reduce inflammation. Fulvic Humic can also be incredibly supportive as an adjunct therapy for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and body acne.

A pilot clinical study showed that topical fulvic acid is shown to reduce B-hexosaminidase and histamine release in immunoglobulin-E-sensitized mast cells and basophil cells suggesting that fulvic acid can have anti-allergy effects for inflamed skin conditions.

Fulvic Humic compounds defend against environmental pollutants creating an external shield if you will by improving the tightness of our skin barrier junctions (leaky skin is a thing friends). They display the ability to prevent penetration of and mitigate the effects of reactive oxygen species caused by pollutants that interfere with our immune and gut axis function.

Fulvic Humic compounds enhance the skin microbiome which in turn helps to reduce redness whilst humic acids show protective activity against UVB absorption that could guard against sun damage.

In India, Shilajit with fulvic acid as the main carrier molecule has been used for multiple health benefits for decades including treating sunburns and for dermal photo-protection.

It can also be a wonderful addition to your self care regime to soften, smooth and enhance the quality and texture of your skin and an adjunct therapy used alongside or post laser skin treatments or skin peels to extend the anti inflammatory and skin rejuvenation effects. Humic substances possess astringent activity of skin cleansing, tightening pores and reducing oily secretions, thereby reducing itch and irritation.

For those wishing to aid their detox journey, fulvic acid is a negatively charged mineral that acts as a lure to positively charged foreign matter in the body to assist the detoxification process. Think about it as adding minerals and pulling waste out via the largest receptive organ: the skin. This powder can be used for foot soak or in a bath to help pull parasites and heavy metal toxins from the body, assisting your cleanse by reducing discomfort from die-off symptoms.

Ingredients – 100% Canadian Fulvic Humic Mineral Complex

Directions – Fulvic Acid may temporarily stain your bath, it is best to perform a patch test on your bath surface before filling.  If concerned about bath surface staining, it can be useful placing a coating of coconut oil on the bath surface. Best used during the evenings before bed as a detox soak can greatly assist with sleep.

Foot Bath: Fill container with filtered warm water to just above the ankles. For adults add 1tsp of powder to the water. For children aged 2-6 use 1/4tsp and for children 6-12 use 1/2tsp. Soak feet for 20 minutes. Dry feet and place used towels in the wash straight away to avoid staining. Let the water settle for 30 minutes post soak and grab a flashlight to see what critters if any have been removed from your body as reported by many post soak.

Bath Soak: Fill bath with warm filtered water and for adults add 1-2tbls of powder. For children aged 2-6 use 1tsp, for children 6-12 use 2tsp. Soak for 20 minutes. Wash bath down immediately once soak is finished. Let the water settle for 30 minutes post soak and grab a flashlight to see what critters if any have been removed from your body as reported by many post soak.

The soak water can be discarded on the garden, grass or plants as a fantastic fertilizer and growth supporter.

**Not recommended for use during pregnancy.