Post Vaccination Detox Support with Essential Oils.

August 19, 2020

By Rebecca Carden

This Q comes up often and to be honest, there is a lot of misinformation about what and how we can use certain products.
We know that vaccines contain a tonne of aluminium and other highly toxic adjuvants that are our body does not like one little bit and are designed to linger in our body for a very long time. They have a tendency to hide out in highly sensitive, fatty areas of our body such as our brain and breasts. Our thyroid hates them and is particularly at risk for post vaccine inflammation and subsequent autoimmune disease.
We also know that how well our methylation/ detox pathways perform on a daily basis thanks to our genetic makeup has a huge impact on post vax outcomes.

You can find this information by completing a DNA test through Ancestry etc & then working with a gene literate Functional Practitioner/ Naturopath to decode your raw data & walk you through your methylation pathways & any weak areas that need TLC.

I also strongly urge everyone to request a HLA Genotyping Test which highlights ones susceptibility to having an adverse effect to vaccines as well as biotoxins such as mold, tick bites, blue green algae and many other environmental toxins.

There are specific HLA genotypes that are indicated for vaccine injury related autism, developing Rheumatoid Arthritis post Hepatitis B vaccine and in my case – developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease post Gardasil vaccine. Seriously…… the fact that we do not have mandatory genetic testing before ANY vaccine just blows my mind. It would save so many people so much heartache.

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Supporting your body pre and post vax is imperative. Knowing what your risks are is just as imperative.
Contrary to popular belief, Cilantro essential oil or any other essential oil for that matter does not have the ability to bind to heavy metals such as aluminum and escort them out of the body safely.

Currently, there is no scientific evidence that suggests essential oils such as cilantro can remove heavy metals from the body. They do not act as binders or chelation agents because they simply do not have the couplers or structure necessary for binding.

However, that is not to say that essential oils aren’t incredibly beneficial during the detoxification process. In fact, there are many essential oils that are considered wonderful detoxifiers that both encourage the release of stored toxins in tissues and support the organs of detoxification. This is extremely useful when detoxing heavy metals or any other harmful substance.

Essential Oils are great for loosening up the garbage in concentrated areas and getting it ready for collection but they CANNOT carry it away.
We need binders to support the total elimination of waste so that toxins in general, not just heavy metals, do not continue to recirculate in our system. Think of binders as your garbage trucks that collect and carry toxic waste such as heavy metals away.
For this reason, I feel it is wise to avoid using cilantro essential oil where heavy metals are present in the body without a binder, otherwise there is potential risk to shift or dislodge heavy metals from various locations in the body and have them deposit elsewhere such as the brain.

Binders also prevent detox symptoms so you can detox comfortably without headaches, nausea and fatigue and brain fog that can accompany a detox done improperly. Also, by using a binder as part of your detox protocol, your body is spared the work required to process a toxin through the liver and gallbladder and is, instead, escorted right out of the body through your colon.

Examples of binders are bentonite clay, zeolite clay, aloe, apple pectin, chlorella, silica & activated charcoal. I use a binder called GI Detox which is a blend of all of the above. Another great product is Microbe Formula’s BioActive Carbon BioTox.

The three steps to safe detoxification are to mobilise, bind, eliminate.

Mobilize: This step involves using chelators, like cilantro essential oil, to pull and mobilise toxins from your tissues, fat cells, brain, organs, bones, and other areas of your body. The toxins are then ready for binding. Binders do not do this.
Bind: Once chelators pull toxins out of tissues, it’s important to capture them with a binder so they are not circulating freely only to lodge elsewhere in your body, particularly your brain.
Eliminate: You must support your body’s elimination pathways when using binders to remove heavy metals. Once the binders attach to the heavy metals, you want them to exit your body as soon as possible.  This includes supporting your liver detox pathways, ensuring proper hydration, supporting intestinal motility to avoid constipation, regular sweating in an infrared sauna, and regular physical activity to increase circulation and lymph flow.

Some Suggested Products to Support Your Post Vaccination Detox

Citrus Essential Oils in your water to up-regulate your Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detoxification. Think high limonene essential oils such as Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lemon as well as Pink Pepper which is also very high in limonene.

Zendocrine Softgels to mobilise heavy metals/ toxins and ready them for removal.

A binder such as GI Detox taken 20-30 minutes AFTER each Zendocrine Softgel. This is important.

DDR Prime to clear away junk matter from cell receptor sites that may interfere with cellular communication.

Zendocrine Detox Complex x 3 daily with meals to support your organs of detoxification and elimination.

Double Dose of xEOmega or Kids IQ Omega which are critical for keeping inflammation under wraps.

Liposomal Glutathione which plays a critical protective role against oxidative stress as well as supporting our methylation pathways.

Wheat Grass or Barley Grass Powder which are both excellent sources of SOD aka Superoxide Dimutase. The Grand Daddy of our Antioxidants which again supports our methylation pathways.

Castor Oil Packs over the Liver which are excellent for keeping our lymphatic fluid moving and clearing toxins.

Epsom Salt, Bi-Carb & Bentonite Bath’s to flush and pull toxins. This is a gentle approach for children that will be no less effective. Use 1 cup of each in your bath and an optional addition is to add a couple of drops of Lugol’s Iodine or Nascent Iodine to the bath to support the detoxification of the thyroid.

No matter your choice when it comes to vaccination, all I want for you is to Be Empowered and minimise risk as much as humanly possible.


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