How to Use Turmeric Essential Oil

November 2, 2018

By Rebecca Carden

Alrighty Friends! Let’s talk Turmeric.

I was one of those people who legit totally having a meltdown at the anticipation of having doTerra make Turmeric Root essential oil available. Although it’s only available through the USA warehouse currently it is well worth importing it if you live in Australia like ME!

Turmeric has been very well studied over the decades for its gastro-protective properties and ability to modulate a healthy immune response making it a great oil to use for folks like me who have an autoimmune illness.

Besides being absolutely chock full of antioxidants, the most exciting bit to me about Turmeric is the support and protection it affords our nervous system and brain.

Here are the Cliff Notes on the differences between Turmeric Powder and Turmeric Essential Oil as well as Curcumin and Tumerones –

  • Curcumin and Tumerones are equally amazing when it comes to their properties BUT Tumerones are FAR better absorbed and received by the body.
  • Both Curcumin and Tumerones are Neuroprotective, Gastrointestinal supporting and Inflammatory Response supporting.
  • Curcumin needs fat or black pepper to unlock and become bioavailable because our cell walls have a bi lipid layer covering their exterior.
  • Tumerones don’t require fat, they are ready for action as is. They are Lipophilic and communicate easily with our cells. Aromatic tumerones are 7x more easily absorbed than curcumin and turmeric.
  • Co2 extraction only picks up the poorly absorbed Curcumin which NEEDS a key to unlock it’s potential. Steam Distillation picks up the Tumerones but very little Curcumin because it is a denser molecule.
  • Curcumin & Tumerones work synergistically together. Tumerones unlock Cucurmin. Studies have shown Curcurmin is not as effective as when combined with Tumerones.
    When paired together they enhance and upregulate Apoptosis in the body.
  • doTerra’s Deep Blue Polyphenol & Alpha CRS contain both Curcumin AND Tumerones.


The Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

Skin: Irregular cell growth on skin, blemishes, skin clarity and complexion enhancing, reduces inflammation.

GastroIntestinal Tract: Stimulates the gallbladder and liver, upregulates Glutathione production, supports healthy blood sugar levels, slows release of starches, metabolises lipids, encourages healthy blood vessels, very soothing and restoring to the gut wall and intestine.

Neurological: Neurones develop better stress resilience and neural response times, supports proper mylenation of nerves and promotes correct transmission of communication, promotes tissue regeneration in nervous system, protects the brain and supports a healthy mood and state of mind through lowering cortisol levels.

Tissue: Tumerones offer fantastic systemic anti inflammatory support through the p38 MAPK signaling pathways.

Some Suggested Uses for Turmeric Essential Oil

– Blend with Yarrow Pom for cellular health and inflammation support.
– Combine with DigestZen or Copaiba for gastrointestinal support and restoration.
– Combine with Frankincense and DDR for Nervous system support and cellular health.
– Combine with Slim n Sassy for Blood Sugar and metabolism support.
– Combine with Lemongrass, Wintergreen or Oregano for joint discomfort/ inflammation.
– Combine with Zendocrine for Liver and Gallbladder support.
– Put a drop in your dogs food for joint and inflammation support because they deserve to receive the benefits of these oils too.

​Oh and it also makes your favourite Turmeric Chai Latte one thousands times better with the addition of a drop so make sure you try that too.

In my organic meal delivery company My Goodness Organics, we’ve added Turmeric Essential Oil to our juice cleanse anti inflammatory elixir’s to really amplify our food as medicine philosophy.

YAY for Turmeric!!

** Does interact with Blood Thinners and Blood Sugar med’s so please do check with your medical professional before using. This information is not intended to be used to treat, cure or prevent disease.

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