Why build a doTerra Biz

doTerra has the ability to not only improve our health and wellbeing through the use of essential oils, it can also positively impact our financial health as well.

Why build a doTERRA  Biz?

Because the world is waking up. You and I are waking up and craving…. seeking…. dreaming about a better way to live the life of our dreams and that of our birthright.

One of joy and freedom. One of adventure. One of simplicity and love. One of thinking bigger beyond ourselves.

doTerra has the ability to not only improve our health and wellbeing through the use of essential oils, it can also positively impact our financial health as well.

I knew a very long time ago, before I even entered the work force at the age of 14 that I was not destined to be somebody’s employee for the next 50 years of my life. Nope there was no freakin way I was allowing that to happen and at the age of 30 I stayed true to my word. I quit my job working for a soul sucking global corporation and began my own business.

I slogged my absolute guts out for 70 hours a week for the first two years building my healthy meal delivery company from the ground up with nothing but $7,000 in savings to support me and my at the time out of work partner. It was scary as hell but geez what a motivator that was knowing there was no back-up plan besides asking for my old job back!

As much as this entrepreneurial creation has been a success that changed our lives, it’s definitely not a life of freedom that I lead. The business in all honesty became a ball and chain for us. The food business is tough guys, really bloody tough. Margins are slim and you work your arse off for very little take away. Often it feels that everybody gets paid except us and that’s not a great feeling when you’ve invested so much into it.

Which brings me to doTerra. Why I decided to partner with doTerra and say yes to creating another business…….

These may sound like really shallow things but this is exactly what we are talking about when we refer to ‘A New Way’ of doing business-

  • No Staff
  • No Overheads
  • Minimal Financial Outlay
  • No Stocking of Product
  • Location Independence

Like I said they are simple things but how often do you come across a business opportunity like that? I can tell you that I have invested hundreds of thousands of our money into our meal delivery business and our wages bill alone is about as much of a turn-on as seeing your parents ‘get it on’.

I knew in every fibre of my being that creating money shouldn’t have to be a struggle, that it doesn’t have to be created via a traditional business model, that it shouldn’t have to drain you of every cent to get it off the ground.

The idea of building a business that has zero risk attached to it is mighty attractive. Success with doTerra is dependent solely upon how much grit, determination and drive you have to help others.

That’s it. And yet we can create an income that is completely uncapped, limitless. The below figures ARE REAL incomes being achieved by people as young as 25 and much much older 🙂 The beauty of building a doTERRA business is there is no discrimination. Only possibilities.

dōTERRA 2017 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary

Source: 2017 Media Release (Click Here)

We all come into doTerra inexperienced and totally unaware of how this style of business works but we DO know how to care for and help other humans. That’s in our DNA.

We crave connection, community and collaboration. The human race has always existed in tribes. We’re not solo living creatures. We need affection and love to thrive.

And that’s what you create when you build a business with doTerra, you create a community of likeminded people to collaborate with and you connect with those that need our help the most and are always seeking a new way of living.

This business doesn’t work unless we all help each other. It’s not just about our personal dreams, it’s about the dreams of our tribe. We work to make them a reality by collaborating, connecting and thriving upon each other!

This is a great analogy of how I see this business- we lift each other up. As each of us rise, it’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone around us rises with us. That’s an incredibly beautiful way to do business don’t you think? We’ve done away with the competitive, cut throat approach of succeeding at the cost of everyone else’s success and instead replaced it with community and having each others back.

doTerra itself is a company of great integrity, heart and soul, innovation and community. It actively seeks out communities around the world that are desperately seeking help to simply survive, let alone thrive.

When you become a part of doTerra, you become a part of something much bigger than yourself. If philanthropy and humanitarian work is something that really gets your juices flowing….. you’re in the right place I promise.

doTERRA and Operation Underground Railroad Rescue

doTERRA® has joined forces with Operation Underground Railroad Rescue (O.U.R.). Join doTERRA leaders as they experience an O.U.R. rescue in Mexico.

It’s all about taking each other strengths and supporting each organization.

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You don’t need any skills but that of common sense and a self starting attitude to do this. If you are a mum, a yogi, a corporate worker, unemployed, on disability benefits, a teacher…..you can do this! Anyone can do this!!

Don’t let self doubt and fear tell you otherwise. We all move at different paces whilst creating our legacy businesses but what I can promise you is this…..if you put in the effort you will be rewarded. It might take you 2 years to reach Diamond or it could take 5 or even 10 but you will be rewarded and no matter what speed you travel, myself and my tribe of epic women will be there to encourage and carry you through.

You can create a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. You can live like a gypsy and let the wind carry you if that’s what you desire. You can stay at home with your kids instead of return to the workforce and put them in childcare. You can indulge those passions of yours you’ve let dim. You can BE you in every sense of the word and be a sensational human being for others at the same time.

I can’t wait to introduce you to our world. One that’s breaking the paradigm and creating a new normal for so many people who are just prepared to be brave.

I am calling the souls that know they want to live a life less ordinary, that want to escape the rat race, that want to pull the blinkers off and live a high vibe life, that are driven, self motivated peep’s who adore connecting with others and can cast a vision for themselves that is well…..nothing short of incredible.