Liver Detox Bundle

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  • Liver Drops by Orchard St - 100ml

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  • Purity Elixir Powder by Orchard St - 75g

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  • Vrindavan Organic Hexane Free Castor Oil - 250ml

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Liver Detox Bundle

Product Description

Castor Oil Packs in many holistic healing and practitioner circles are referred to as a foundational treatment. When you do them, all aspects of your healing protocol (treatments, organic food, supplements, etc.) will work better. This is simply because castor oil packs help to engage what is known as the “vis”, or the vital life force. That which we cannot see, but stimulates our healing and rebalancing.

We’ve been using Castor Oil Packs as part of our healing protocols now for the past two years and find them incredibly useful and supportive to move through healing crisis’ much faster and with much less discomfort.

Castor oil supports and promotes healthy liver function and the normalizing of liver enzymes. In addition, research shows that castor oil may help your body retain levels of the mother antioxidant glutathione — a crucial antioxidant for both phase one and phase two detoxification.

Castor oil packing areas and organs that feel weak or lacking in vital reserves is a great idea. The liver is an organ that can be targeted to support detoxification of the body and you would keep the pack in place for a solid 60 minutes with a heating pad.

Purity is the beautiful fusion of purifying herbs is designed to support the elimination of waste products through the body’s detoxification pathways. Supporting your elimination pathways can help with the appearance of healthy skin as well as hormone balance and energy levels. Optimizing phase I & II detoxification pathways is essential to our overall well-being so this is your go-to for that quarterly cleanse or daily maintenance support to optimize well being and vitality.

Liver Drops is a bitter herbal tincture designed to support the activity of the gallbladder and liver. A healthy gallbladder is one free from stones and releasing healthy amounts of bile – bile release also being one of the core methods of detoxification for the body when it comes to the Enterohepatic Re circulation pathway.  Liver drops is a blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser which may result in the potential clearing of long standing skin irritations and blemishes.