Chest Comfort Syrup by Organic Olivia – 118ml

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Chest Comfort Syrup by Organic Olivia – 118ml

Product Description

Chest Comfort Syrup (Formerly called Herbal Tussin) is a soothing, clarifying “syrup” that helps to maintain chest comfort and bronchial health.

With its blend of soothing and clearing herbs that support the respiratory system, Chest Comfort Syrup helps to keep you breathing easy during the colder months and beyond.

Benefits & Uses
Soothes and calms the respiratory system
Supports bronchial wellness
Quick support to keep you comfortable
Helps keep you breathing easy
Supports immune health
Regulates healthy mucus production to ease congestion
This formula is designed for acute needs so that you have a tool you can feel good about, when you need it the most.


Osha Root: Native to high elevations in the Rocky Mountains, Osha is a warming herb that supports a healthy immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system (acting on the gut-oral-lung axis).

Licorice: Not to be confused with the common candy, Licorice Root is an immune-supporting, adaptogenic herb that happens to be naturally sweet on its own.

Peppermint: There’s a reason peppermint is such a common post-meal breath refresher, and it’s not just its taste. This ancient herb helps support a healthy inflammatory response along with microbiome balance systemically, whether it’s providing assistance for digestion, hormones, the nervous system, or even cognition and mental clarity.

Thyme: Thyme is to the bronchi what peppermint is to the stomach.
Wild Cherry Bark: A powerful antitussive (cough suppressing) action, and as such is indicated in dry, hacking coughs that are accompanied by spasms. Due to its astringent, sedative, antispasmodic, and bronchodilator actions, it dries mucus, increases expectoration, eases coughing, and opens the airways.

Grindella: Natural antispasmodic effect to soothe a hacking cough, expand the airways and eliminate excess phlegm.

Slippery Elm: The mucilage that forms when this tea is brewed can coat inflamed respiratory tissues and prevent coughing, while soothing sore throats.

White Pine Bark: Expectorant by nature and helps comfort and ease problems related to the respiratory tract.

Yerba Santa: Yerba Santa can prevent dryness of the mucosal membranes of the upper and lower respiratory tract. This in turn prevents the lungs from the irritation of bacteria and reduces coughing. Further research shows that the plant can reduce the amount of phlegm produced by the lungs while also addressing inflammation of the mucus-producing tissues, making it great for clearing up the “moist” parts of a cold, like runny noses.

Horseradish: Helps clear up any excess mucus in the respiratory system and sinuses. Inhaling fresh horseradish can really help to clear the respiratory system helping you to breathe more comfortably.

Ginger Root: Known as a universal herbal ally in TCM, Ginger is able to assist our “digestive fire,” immune health, and even maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Considered a “guiding herb” in formulas, ginger “warms the body and spirit” as it boosts Spleen Qi and supports vitality.

Menthol Crystals

Other Ingredients : Vegetable glycerin, deionised water, organic honey

Chest Comfort Syrup incorporates herbs that are traditionally known to help “Lung Qi” descend, as bitter, cooling herbs with an affinity for the lungs tend to have what’s known as a “downward draining” energy.

Servings Per Bottle – Average 47

Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) every 2 hours. Safe to use with kids in conjunction with Elderberry Syrup.

* Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breast feeding.