Heart Health With Essential Oils

June 8, 2017

By Rebecca Carden

Essential oils can be an ah-mazing support for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system by dilating arteries, acting as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and by decreasing emotional stress which contributes to elevated blood pressure.
The most effective essential oils fora healthy heart and cardiovascular system are lavender, petigrain, marjoram, ylang ylang, yarrow/pom and neroli.
We CAN thrive outside the medical system friends if we are willing to let nature lend a hand first.
I want to preface this information by stating that you do need to seek advice from your medical professionals if you are taking any medication. I am not a doctor, I am simply a public health researcher and advocate for natural solutions.
Onwards we go………
Hypertension is often intrinsically linked to stress levels and there is this really cool study conducted by Korean researchers that showed simply smelling Neroli for 5 minutes, twice a day, significantly lowered systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure as well as lowered pulse rate and cortisol serum levels. As a bonus, estrogen levels and sex drive were also positively impacted which I don’t think anyone is going to complain about right??
Ylang Ylang essential oil is one of the most effective hypertension support agents around and it’s all natural. No side effects. It also doubles as THE most incredible perfume or should I say pure-fume.
Topical application of Ylang Ylang to the lower abdomen has been shown in studies to increase skin temperature and reduce blood pressure producing a more calm and relaxed state of being overall.
Also, simply inhaling a combination of lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram and neroli was found to significantly reduce both blood serum cortisol levels and systolic blood pressure.
That’s just through inhalation guys….I mean the power and impact of these oils on our biology is incredible!
Many of us aren’t aware that Ylang Ylang can actually be used internally but we can. While I really don’t think it’s an oil we want flavouring our food……hey it’s good to know the option is there 🙂
For those who are comfortable with ingesting essential oils…..
(please, doTerra oils only for internal use guys, never EVER mess around with any other oil brand when it comes to ingesting oils. Safety and purity first)
……you might like to try making up a veggie capsule with 2 drops each of Ylang Ylang, Marjoram and either Petigrain or Lavender.
That same oil combination can also be used topically in a roller bottle application regularly throughout the day.
Try 10 drops of each in a 10ml roller bottle.
Petigrain has a similar chemistry and biological impact to Lavender on reducing heart rate and blood serum cortisol so it’s an excellent alternative to use if you aren’t a fan of the florals.
Petitgrain also has been shown to promote the relaxation of vascular muscles allowing for improved blood flow thanks to it’s high linalool content. In other words, Petitgrain can relax the arteries to support healthy blood flow and cardiovascular function.
Here’s another combination you might like to try which utilises two high linalool content essential oils:
2 drops of Petitgrain + 2 drop of Lavender + 1 drop of Marjoram
Apply topically into the web between your thumb and forefinger, simply massage it in neat or with carrier and apply a little pressure to the location to maximise absorption.
doTerra’s newest kid on the block is Yarrow}Pom though and he has some seriously cool stuff to offer us in regards to heart health……
A 2013 study published in Phytotherapy Research evaluated Yarrow’s hypotensive, vasodilatory and bronchodilatory activities. In other words, its ability to lower high blood pressure, relax blood vessels and improve breathing. Yarrow’s effects were significant and successfully calmed hyperactive cardiovascular disorders like high blood pressure.
Pomegranate seed oil by itself offers abundant benefits for the cardiovascular system thanks to it’s mega amounts of polyphenols (aka supercharged antioxidants) which have been shown to reduce heart disease risk factors.
Improved blood flow, promotion of healthy blood pressure levels and supporting the health of arterial walls are all part and parcel of pomegranates properties.
It’s crazy rich in conjugated linolenic acid which is typically only found in animal meat products making Pomegranate really valuable for Vegans. CLA has attracted a huge amount of attention the past couple of years because of it’s ability to support metabolic and chronic inflammatory diseases.
Yarrow}Pom can be used internally with 1 drop under the tongue or in a veggie capsule twice daily.
Side effects may include glossy hair, super sexy and plump skin that appears to defy age and gravity, reduced appearance of prominent and painful veins in the legs AND a healthy and balanced metabolism. Winning!
Anywho, I think that’s enough information to take in for today don’t you think?
Hope it rocks someones world out there and transforms the wellbeing of the world one drop at a time.

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